Monday 3rd October 2016

Warmup (Singing)

This morning we sang these three songs to warmup our voices but before we sang them we did a typical warmup with sirens etc. The songs we sang were ‘Hey to the other world’ and ‘Arpul Bird’.


Gary’s Lesson (Drama)

Today we are looking at performances we can create in a group. We need to choose one of the musicals one person in the group knows well or we did for our research and needs to be a golden era musical. First before we split into groups we discussed some examples of musicals that fit into the 7 story plots. My example was Oklahoma! as it has rebirth because of them rethinking their opinions and other things that fit well into Oklahoma! and my reasons why. For our task we need to choose one musical and bring it to it’s simplest form of script and take out all the songs and dance.


After this we split into groups of five and noted all our musicals we researched into. Musicals we had:

  • Fair Lady *No
  • Annie Get Your Gun *No
  • Girl Crazy *Maybe
  • South Pacific *No
  • Porgy and Best *No
  • Kiss Me Kate *No
  • Once Upon a Mattress *Maybe
  • Boys From Sigfracuse (Hard spelling) *No

As you can see about I have ‘*’ them all and wrote notes we discussed various reasons why the no musicals were not great to perform. Mainly down to a too big cast or not enough of a specific gender in our group. We ended with two choices in the end ‘Once Upon a Mattress’ or ‘Girl Crazy’ we decided ‘Once Upon a Mattress’ in the end as ‘Girl Crazy’ I did not know a ideal amount of information about it and only knew the basics as I could not find much online about the musical.


Next we discussed our strengths and weaknesses personally for us.

All – We have all been on time and had minimum or no days off which is always good to know so we can hopefully have smooth rehearsals with everyone there.

Chloe – Takes over, likes to move on quickly, distracted easily, hard working and Awkward towards certain situations e.g. kissing.

Alfie – Don’t know names well, Distracted easily, Not good at ideas, difficult in groups.

Lauren – Can take over, Don’t like sitting too long, Messing about, Don’t like performing things which are bad, hardworking.

Jake (Me) – Hard working in class, likes to take notes, Can become distracted, sometimes quiet and won’t voice my opinion too much, Always here, Likes to take notes.


We then quickly notes down the main characters in ‘Once Upon a Mattress’

Which are: Mum (Female), Dad (Male), Son (Male) and Lover (Female)

We did cut a few small characters but hopefully the script will still work. we then discussed who fits what role.

Mum – Chloe – Taller than Lauren and looks more motherly and her type casting fits more as a mother.

Dad – Alfie *EDIT Jake (Me) – At first it was Alfie due to him being taller and he looks more older than me. However we felt I would not fit as a rebel and would much rather fit me as a powerless dad due to me being shorter than the mum (Chloe). It was suggested we could have a cute relationship with the son and lover hiker we decided it may change the story even more than we already had to so we decided Alfie as the Son and me as the Dad. Also I was cast as the Dad as I look more geeky than Alfie would due to me looking younger and shorter than him.

Son – Alfie – Looks more rebel like than me.

Lover – Lauren – Due to her being shorter than Chloe and looking more believable in this role swell as Alfie and Lauren look more like a couple.


Street dance (Dance)

*Post recordings*

Today my mood felt a little down by the time we got to these sessions. However I still tried. I also got a separate dance during certain parts as I am the ‘man’ and some pieces I struggle with which would mainly be back flexibility which in street is used a fair bit. However we added more to what we already had and also before we started we warmed up as usual of course.





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