Thursday 6th October 2016

Theatre Royal Visit

Today all year 1 students went to the theatre royal for a tour and to get a insight of jobs there, people who have jobs there and the work and work experience you can get from the theatre royal.

One person working at the theatre had a temporary place as they are a freelance techie and are always on the move after shows. For this job you need to be able to fit in with people quickly to know what each person needs and demands as well as quickly being able to adapt to new places. e.g. the techie will need to know where specific things are quickly to be able to start working and do tech work for shows. He also spoke about some key information one thing being that this theatre is one of three regency theatres left in this country. The freelance techie also said about that in his job it is not uncommon that a simple corridor is made into a costume cupboard due to space and being easily assessed for performers clothing. There is normally a trap door on the stage somewhere this theatre did have one and he said it need to be checked to make sure it is safe for performers to use. During shows a tech will normally sit in the audience till it gets closer to the show night to have a audience prospective in mind. Near to show night the techie will typically be in small box room where they can see the stage although this particular theatres techie room is not ideal and is very small and far away.


Possible Education Choices

We also got told about the education the theatre has to offer which is schools can come for shows the theatre also allows for people to actually work in the theatre offering a variety of choices to people. They also offer children’s arts festival.


Jobs For Me?

If I personally would pick a job in the theatre it would be a few bar work shifts and a non paying role in acting till I possibly work my way up to getting payed for shows. I may even look into tech and work experiences to broaden my knowledge of theatre work and be successful. One reason for this is I am uncertain about pursuing drama school and uni’s due to finance and my skill. Of course loans etc. however I would be more comfortable as performer growing as I do it rather than in lesson.

After this we then had a box office session where we got information and had the chance to ask any queries about the box office. They said about if a person had a complaint they would never refund it instead try to compromise one example was they needed a walkway so they needed to move seated people near the front. Although one person had a complaint about this so they offered them a free drink and after we got told this we discussed other ways they could have handled this such as let him meet the celebrity who is performing. We also had another scenario which is quite common was a child was crying/scared of a character so they complained the suggestion was let them sit out for a bit or even move them further back so the kid does not notice the distinguishing features as much.


Drama Workshops (Drama)

We also had a small drama task which at first appear to be a workshop. However it was cleverly planned and was not as she did not tell us things that you need to have for a successful workshop. For example she spoke briefly about her job and how she works.


Pilates Lesson (Dance)

Only four of us attended this session and it was essentially a test so the teacher could try something new with the few of us she had today. With this lesson I struggled to lift my hip when laying on my side I also had the slight problem it made my arm go numb after a while. However this was very beneficial as I felt the stretch in my core however I feel I can do it well but I feel I just need to centre myself and I can do it.


Choir Voca (Singing)

Today we sang Lula lula and Baby It’s Cold Outside. Two brand new songs for me to sing although both I have heard before so I roughly knew the tune of the songs.  I struggled a bit to pitch as men were quite low today and not many men were in choir today. Regardless I tried my best to listen to the piano and teacher to follow my notes and try to rely o other less.




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