Tuesday 4th October 2016

Morning Choir (Singing)

Today we done things slightly differently Birgitta ran through and good warmup process. Things she done was a tongue exercise where we hanged our heads down and let or tongue loosen up. She said this is not only good for singing but also for performing for example if you need to speak a monologue. And we also done other typical warmups such as hums, sirens and face massages. Each exercise was to loosen each part of our body be it our faces or our tongues.

After the warmup up learnt a new song ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ and sang through a song we have sang before ‘West Side Story’. As usual I moved a bit to see what range we needed on tenor or bass parts eventually I settled at bass. With West Side Story I struggled regardless of which part I moved too. However again I settled at bass.

This was very helpful to learn what a decent vocal warmup is and what is needed for it. One main reason was I needed to know what a good warmup should be especially as for my 1:1 singing I was told I need to warmup before and attempt to learn the song in my own free time in a room around college somewhere.


Singing Theory (Presentations)

Today we continued to present out musical research to the class. Why? We had this task as it helps us improve our presentation skills and confidence it is a helpful skill especially as numerous times we will need to present group work to the class. So what better way to practise than your research on your own?

I also presented my musical which was ‘Girl Crazy’ I done so without a word document or PowerPoint as I recently misplaced my memory stick somewhere luckily I already posted my work to WordPress or the Facebook page so I can rewrite my work I needed. First I said all the basics about the show such as the writer and producer etc. All the factual things essentially and then I spoke about the characters. Sadly I did not have the voice parts for each character as I found it hard to find information about this musical and found it hard to even find a good synopsis of this musical. Although the synopsis was brief luckily for me this ok as the presentation did not need to be too detailed just say the basics of the musical. I’m not going to lie I was quite scared to show my presentation although I had basic research when on the spot as me and not a character I have a tendency to stutter my words and doing so just makes me feel even less confident. But in argument this is something I need to get use to and try to get over. Luckily during this I did not stutter greatly during the presentation. Back to the presentation I then went to speak about the storyline after I said the two main characters (I did have the rest of the characters on the Facebook page where we post our research if people want to see the rest of the cast) I felt I was quite basic with the plot of the story however I think this was best to keep the audience interested as I did not have anything for the audience other than my words. After I spoke a bit about the plot I went on YouTube and played ‘Boy What Love Has Done to me!’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TyKnBAAuBY). The song was very different style wise with the singing compared to the others being in the way you could hear it was quite an older golden musical as the women’s voice was quite typical being soft and echo like.

Watching other people’s presentations someone’s stuck out a lot more than the rest. The person was Chloe Sheenan’s ‘Boys from Syracuse’ She was a bit cluttered but made comedy out of this. She said it was complicated so she actually drew a diagram on the board explaining what the plot was which was very effective as it kept us all watching trying to work it out and also making funny comments herself and us all having fun while watching it all. Personally I found this to be great and credited this one out of all the presentations is mainly because it was different and she did not just read from a sheet. However more so due to the confusing elements of the show some people still did not understand however with the diagram I personally understood it after.


Singing Practise (Singing)

Today Alfie helped me rehearse and sing my ‘Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’’ The reason I sang the song with Alfie was he had already learnt the song for his 1:1 session last week and got positive feedback. We started with finding the Hugh Jackman version on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNEUtN21cuU) and ran through the song twice together. I ran read through the words from my diary as I had only learnt the beginning of the song. It sounded pretty good and helped me a lot I then suggested if it was ok if we could rehearse with a piano version only as this will be what is played during the song and will help make sure I at least learn the timings even if I have not learnt the words properly. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l916y_QUT4) Overall we had about 45 minutes of a singing practise which was hugely helpful. I feel as though the song is in my range but is right near the bottom of my range so sometimes I go in and out of the notes and sing it just a tiny bit higher than I should.


Spinning Wheel (Drama)

I am not sure if I have explained what spinning wheel is or not before. In short it is a small amateur theatre company that works with people below age 16 – 26 and we all put on a show including the ideas for stage work, script and even lighting. Only a few holdbacks such as funding and suitability to an audience however for funds we actually fund raise the money ourselves for the show. It is every Tuesday at 7pm which is very good as it rarely would clash with college at this time.

Last week we got parts this week we focused on cutting the script more and reading the script to see where we need to make changes. We then looked into a schedule of when everyone is there and when is best to rehearse each scene. We done this by sorting out a times table on excel and filled it out. So each Tuesday we will run a scene depending who is available and also we wrote briefly which scenes may need longer or less time due to how short or long they are.

I decided to pursue Spinning Wheel as in college although we do shows it is rare we actually fund ourselves and musical theatre students, drama or dance actually get to speak about the technical side, funding, creating adverts and more. So I thought this would be a good experience as you need to be fairly flexible with theatre work and this may help me get a taste of what a director does more and how shows work as a whole.

We also had a long list of shakespeare words which some people may not understand. Luckily my part does not have a huge amount of words I am not sure. However it was still nice to do this as it will broaden my knowledge on Shakespeare words.


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