Wednesday 5th October 2016

Ballet (Dance)

One thing I got told to do when practising Ballet was during certain parts we need to go on demi pointe. However I went on pointe Helena said this was very good and that I may have the good strength in my feet however I need to do demi pointe otherwise when doing demi or other pointe work my muscles there may not have been used before meaning that I will struggle to do so more. Also I tried to not support myself onto the bar too much as I have a tendency to dip my body in that direction a bit if I put too much pressure on the ballet bars. Also when moving our feet in a pattern I struggled to move my foot in a decent distance when moving my foot back. This is definitely something I will need to work on.


Christmas Dance (Dance)

Although I missed this session due to a doctors appointment I notified my group and teachers in a weeks advance to avoid too many issues. However another two more of our group members did not appear and the day after the Christmas dance told us. This was bad as it meant only one person in our group of four was actually there. To avoid this again we actually created a group chat for the Christmas dance so we can  notify each other if we cannot be there one day. Also we found out that one person has dropped the course and we will need to find another girl to add to the dance as it is a pair dance and needs to be girl and boy pairing ideally. This is not much of a problem however because we are still in early days and almost have the dance chorography completed and still have quite a few weeks left.





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