Friday 7th October 2016

Singing Warm-up (Singing)

Today me and a student (Daytona Florian) helped me to warm-up and prepare myself for my 1:1 lesson later on today. She helped me relax and warm-up by distressing me. She also got me to sing it to her a few times to make sure my voice was properly warmed up and ready. The warm-up process was pretty typical we hummed, scrunched out shoulders and etc. She said to me I sing really well however I just need to relax and not worry so much.


1:1 Singing (Singing)

Birgitta said it was a good start and a slight leap from where I was last week. She said I should be happy with what I done but feel’s she wants me to aim higher and progress just that bit more. She recommended I listen to numerous version of my song ‘What a Wonderful Morning’ Also she wants me to have printed music for both me and her next time to make he whole process easier and more professional. She said I have good potential and that I look surprised she said that. In all honesty I was surprised compared to last lesson she did not seem happy one bit compared to now where she was happy although wanted a but more of me. I feel I have more to offer and will definitely learn the words and act the song to my fullest next time. She said for me to add a bit of acting in my song and forget she was there so I just went with what my body felt was right. She was happy with my acting through song and gave me a rough run-through of what Curly would feel and gave me ideas. Although she wants me to act the song she said she wants it to be more realistic as its a real song and he is just singing about how great the day will be rather than be staged and have specific interactions to perform when singing and distract from the reality.


Mediation (Dance)

Today was a bit different as I was the only student in todays lesson. So the teacher asked me if I was ok with 1:1 mediation and she would hover her hands and ‘energy’ over me. She explained it can  have a variety of effects and some did actually happen although I partly think this was due to me thinking about it. One main thing I felt was it felt as though a hand was on my chest when I breathed and there was not. I also saw a variety of colours and fuzziness at the start of the process. The way it worked is I simply laid there while she meditated until she was ready then hovered her hands above me while I relaxed. It was very calming and she explained it is strange and can be different every time and the effects vary from  person to person.


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