Monday 10th Oct 2016

Gary’s Lesson

Today I arrived a little bit late but was quickly caught up with my group. Today we continued to discuss out chosen show ‘Once Upon a Mattress’ We spoke about the rough way scenes go and small things such as music.

We decided to go with the typical proscenium arch layout for the show. This makes things easier as it will most likely be in the theatre in college. It also means we can focus more of the show rather than making the seating of the audience more complicated. The scenes only consist of 4 chairs (Sometimes less and laid out differently on different scenes) and 1 table. We also spoke about a song being played at the start and playing it out loud but the audience sees the lovers listening to the song. We spoke about the copyright and said we will need to make sure it is less than 30 seconds to avoid this issue. Our chosen song from the musical to play is ‘Looking For It’ The lyrics work very well with the our pic e and fits well.


We need to create 4 – 6 scenes as a start and begin to rough them out so we know what we can start to improvise and write up in the script. We briefly discussed out personal aim for the length and agreed on 15 – 20minutes to give a good chunk of show and character development. We also agreed for now projection on the board will not be needed for this performance. We spoke about the essence of the story and said it essentially forbidden love and the challenges within love. Also agreed lighting is neutral and we do not need any lighting as of now. Only tech we need is sound to play the song for now.

Time the show is set is present to keep the audience engaged and make the piece focus more on plot rather than showing a older or more futuristic time period. We discussed having two scenes passing each other and freeze framing to move one to the other. Altho9ugh one person plays the mother of both scenes so this may be a struggle. Maybe we can think about this if have a show that is too long rather than cut it shorted by combining the scenes dialogue.

We also wrote a little bit about our characters ~ Bruce: (dad) – Live in a house in Chelsea full name Bruce Biggles. He is very to himself and quiet that is until his wife sends him into a rage after her being so self centred all the time towards him and their child. Although at the same time he is afraid of his wife up till this point. If I am correct it was the other way around in the original but we done this to add a spin to the original as well as fit my type casting easier.

How do I feel about my role? I feel it will be hard to get angry and I have never been casted as older so this is challenge in itself. I also feel if I get angry it is hard to take me seriously and hope that I will able to pull it off. If not I will learn to or talk about other changes we can create to make the piece more realistic.

Below are random notes I took today from our group meeting.




Street Dance

Today in street dance we continued the dance we have been practising from pervious session and continued what we had learnt. We added to this and split into a few groups and all had to choreograph a different dance piece each. Our one was quite simple but effective it included steps forward and the main thing which was a knee spin. I could do a knee spin although I lost balance at times and after a few practises it began to hurt. I struggled to keep balance for most of them and rarely got up with ease because of my balance. This gives me something to practise more and perfect this technique although simple it takes a bit of time to do a clean knee spin. I feel it was a good start for me and that I am capable as knees did not give up on me at any point they just felt a little bit sore afterwards.


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