Monday 17th October 2016

Gary’s Lesson

Today we continued our script work. We actually wrote the basis of each scene and started to actually practise our scenes. We first focused on the 1st scene. Although it did not include me at least it allowed me to see and know how things will work in our rehearsals and the show as a whole. This scene included the Lauren and Alfie. it did have a kiss in the scene it only took two times for the two to kiss properly and personally we felt happy and surprised with how little time we needed to spend on this scene. In short this is the start scene and Lauren will arrive late to meeting with Alfie and the two will have a brief speak hug and listen to a song together. It is set on a park bench as the two do not want to be seen by each others parents. Lauren then goes on to speak about their anniversary and hopes Alfie will make it a special day for the couple.

We then moved onto the scene with the Lauren and her mum. In this scene it shows her mum as a irresponsible mum who tries to shower her with money and responsibilities to cover the fact she does not want to live as a mum and put all her burdens on Lauren. Gary helped the two change how the scene was acted out and it flowed a lot better. The main noticeable change was rather than Chloe speak straight into what she wants Lauren to do she actually listen’s first. This made Chloe appear a lot more mum like and appear a lot more realistic rather than jumping into the scene and coming across very teenage like.

Lastly we finally moved onto a scene where the Dad (Me) and Mum (Chloe) have a talk about Alfie. Chloe speaks to me about Alfie and how he is wrong and expects me to just sit there and agree with her. It eventually builds up and I snap overpowering her rants and tell her how I truly feel. Afterwards my group spoke about how when I shout I need to overpower Chloe although it is hard due to stature and other things. Chloe said she has a issue with she will overpower too much and i have the problem I need to have more power when shouting. I also got told I need to be careful when shouting as I lean my body our towards her too much. The teacher then looked at it and asked us if he could sit in my place quickly to show his way of performing and if we preferred it. Rather than shout Gary sat on the chair as the dad and let mum roar all sorts of abuse at him. It went on for a while and Gary just ignored it and showed some signs of getting bothered by what she was saying. He then turned around and just simply said her full name and said ‘Shut Up’. then cutting her in response he said it again when she was about to continue. The mum then got the picture and attempts to get pity from him of course he is not responding and does not care much as she has dragged him down most of his married life. I personally saw myself performing like Gary’s version easier and saw it a lot more realistic. It added that much needed dramatic pause most of the scenes so far if it had drama it was very strong compared to this new version which adds a much needed pause and slowness to the pace of the show.


Street Dance (Dance) 

Today in street dance we worked on a new song however this was only for the few of us here. The reason was that most people in street dance was also doing a musical show alongside it. So because of the rehearsals of the musical happening we was left with a smaller class than normal. We got taught a new piece I actually felt this was easier to learn than the other street dance we had learn’t. Today I felt I done a lot better than normal in this dance we had a few bits where we would split into pairs. For the first pairing it was me and a girl dancer. She devised the dance and it went quite well then we continued until another partner piece. This time it was me and a boy dancer. He devised it although we danced at a quick pace and I slightly changed it to change it up as well as make it easier for me. Overall I felt this was surprisingly my best street dance lesson so far. Im not sure if it was because my mood was good or simply because I got better either way I enjoyed todays Street dance lessons more than the rest.


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