Thursday 13th October 2016

Jazz (Dance)

Today in Jazz we learn’t a dance with one side being Jet’s and the other side Shark’s. Both had slight variety in certain parts. We also had a partner and it was based off a dance in West Side Story. West Side Story in it’s simplest form. I was a Shark with the sharks part it was a lot more Spanish movements. Compared to Jet’s which seemed to do moe leaps and quick movements. We also had a variety of parts where we went into the dance with our partners. i found this dance was fun and not too difficult to learn. The hardest bit was probably the piece of the dance where as students we devised a few movements for shark girls and boys and also jet girls and boys. With this I am not going to lie it was a bit quick paced and took me a few tries to actually properly do it. On top of this the students was a bit brief at explaining eventually i just looked at what they was doing and got a hang of it.


Tap Dance (Dance)

Today in tap I had to wear tap shoes that barely fit. I felt today I did not do as well as I had hoped we done our normal exercise to limber up our ankles. However I feel I struggled to pick up basic steps. However this did not stop me from trying I still feel I have a lot of improving to do with my tap dance skills.



Pilates (Dance)

My 2nd pilates class. I still struggled to do pilates on my side. I lost balance on both sides and had to use a lot of force to keep myself still and not lose my balance when doing the pilates. however it was slightly easier to do other things as I knew what position is best for me when doing pilates and also roughly know what I am doing so i can prepare early and know how to do things.





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