Tuesday 11th October 2016

Morning Choir (Singing)

Today we had a singing warmup after we got given sheet music and started to learn Jingle Bells. This was quite a easy song to learn. I sang Bass for this song. It had a part where the timing was strange but eventually I got the hang of it. This was not particularly strenuous although I did have a cold today so some notes I struggled to hit at times due to being bunged up. I still tried my best as usual although i was very cold ridden.


Singing/Theory (1:1)

Paul had a brief talk about where I can go to get songs to sing for myself. He also said that I was hard working although I need tot think about where I want to go after college to know where i want to be and what I am progressing towards. I feel I am still unsure about where to go although I think I may have a gap year before thinking about uni’s to get more work experience and be able to broaden my skills in the meantime after college. I feel I will hopefully be spending 3 years in my performing.arts course and feel that I will be more confident their as I have been there a while. So I feel it will be beneficial if after college I can focus on some drama clubs such as spinning wheel more and other clubs to see how I adjust and perform with new people and atmospheres. As well as let me get more work experience and be able to decide which university’s  I am sure I want to apply for.


Spinning Wheel (Drama)

Today we looked into the stage layout of the performance so we can practise how we stand etc. This performance will be a thrust which is good practise for me as i have not performed in many shows let alone ones that have a thrust layout. This means I will need to think about which angle I stand during the show as well as all the other actors too.






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