Wednesday 12th October 2016

Ballet (Dance)

Today we spoke about everything we have covered so far in class.

One we thing we spoke about was where the word Ballet come from. Ballon means lightness it is a french word and ballet essentially means buoyancy etc. Ballon also comes from the balloon lift balloons being depicted as light and weightless.

Plies you go down with a straight back and depending on which plies you practise it can vary how you do them.

Demi (Half) You got down your knees bend although your feet do not come off the ground also Demi meaning half means that you do not completely reach the ground with Demi Plies.

Grande (Big) Knees bend although with Grande your feet sit on the balls of the feet and you reach the bottom of the ground.

If the word rise is used it means smoothly meaning we need to be controlled and slow when doing movements.

We then took some notes on the various posisitions in ballet we have practised. We have so far practised posistions 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th ballet positions. With 4th position it can either be Open or Homde.

We then spoke about arm positions in ballet. With boys one important thing to note with ballet is girls do a ‘fluter’ with their arms before they start then after men join in and both go into 1st position  which is Brava.

the arm positions we have spoken about was 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th position.


Above is some very badly drawn stickmen drawings of how roughly each position should look like. Some extra notes I noted down was.

1st position Bra is french for low our arms should be as wide as our face and be just above our pubic area. also for 1st position our arms should hover above our body rather than rest on it.

5th position bent leg higher than the knees the keen higher than the ankle and the ankle higher than the toes.


Barre Work

Backmon Tondo – T meaning to touch the floor. Batmont – To beat. Tondo – Stretch strongly. On Qua – Cross directions e.g. front, side, back reverse.

Devont – Front , Alisecond – Side and Deere Air – Back.


Below is some examples of exercises we perform in class.

Batmont > Gliscay > Slightly off floor on Qua

Batmont Closh > Leg swings like a bell

Centre Work Pordebra > Carriage of arms (moving arms)


Jump Preparation > Pettilegro > Jumped in Satay’s > Two feet to two feet (Does not normally change position in other warmups ran by other places and people.)

Chapay > (Feet apart) Escape other position of Satay jump

Travelling > Classical Pose > Smooth straight legged walks push off back leg come through at ankle while turned out. (No set arms for these)


Christmas Dance (Dance)

Today we actually finished the whole of the choreograph work for the dance. I got told during parts I need some sort of pose when the girls are moving and also think about facial expression such as smiling etc. Also as a note to myself we have pair work and do simple spins I need top do them more softly to appear nice and also control myself more during the spins. Also luckily the other member of our group did not leave so all we have to do now is just focus on cleaning and add a little bit more for boys pair work rather than be stationary. We also got asked if we can have more polished versions of some moves to make it more interesting. One of our members said yes and quickly showed us what we will be aiming for once the material we have is more clean.





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