Thursday 20th Oct 2016

Jazz (Dance)

Today we done warmup as normal. One thing we done once warmed up was practise spins. I had slight trouble with this as for some reason the last time it was ok I had ok posture and good power. Although this time i had trouble keeping my posture and focused all my energy into spinning too much and broke my posture greatly. We actually recorded us spinning and I was very surprised with how ugly and bad it looked. I tried to redo it after with teachers during break for a few seconds. It helped a bit I guess i was just having a bad day with dance today. I think I need to try and stop putting so much power into my spins and focus more on making ti more pretty and controlled. As the other problem I had was I could not spin in a straight line at all. After this we continue to add to the Jet’s and Shark’s dance. I found this a fun dance with a big variety on how it works. At first it paced with a circle formation. It would then lead into a bit where shark’s and Jet’s separate into each half of the stage. The speed of the whole dance then speeds up and leads into exotic and strong dance. After this partner work then is introduced to the dance where it is very pretty and slow. A very interesting and contrasting dance with lots of variety. I enjoyed this greatly and it was not difficult to learn at all.

Tap (Dance)

With tap dance we done the typical warmup by doing some sequences before starting to learn or continue material we are learning. We continued partner work. I had trouble last lesson due to my upper body strength being something I lack greatly. Although we asked the teacher and she told us what we were doing wrong and it turns out we can do it. it was slightly strenuous for me to hold my partner in certain positions although i managed to do little things to make it easier. For example one issue was the women drops to the ground and the man pulls her through and up into his arms. This was easily sorted when she subtlely pulls herself through with the man pulling her through slightly. After this is leads into a back spin before my partner put her full weight on me and I could not hold her. the tip for her was to only move her back I am there to support her rather than have her full weight. After that I got told I need to stop gripping my partner so tightly to me. I guess i got scared and wanted to support hewer in the end My hand is just on her side of her back rather than in the centre. This made it less strenuous on me to hold her and also made it easier for her to do it. I only really needed to put a little bit of support properly when she was getting her back up I asked her if she was ok and if it hurt she said its perfect. Finally one more I needed to lift her slightly off the ground and spin in a circle. We struggled greatly in the end I moved my knee out slightly and rested a bit of her weight on my knee to support her. A little bit dangerous although i found it a lot more easy and again I asked if she ok with it and she said yes. I just need to be careful and don’t put too much of her weight on my knee when lifting her. So today was very god compared to last week in tap where i struggled hugely to lift my partner at all. Now I can lift her or if it is too hard I can do compromises to lift her without it being to noticeable that I am doing things slightly different. After the partner and lift piece we learn’t/ practised. We moved onto another piece which is small tap sequence I surprised myself and felt I was doing it correctly. Although something to note my tap shoes is still  a bit small for my foot size. Overall this was a helpful session to help me learn to support my partner and slightly compromise on partner lifts I struggle with. It also helped me rehearse the tap sequence we do to warmup. With the tap warmup sequence with parts I struggle with although I feel I am close to being able to do it.


Pilates (Dance)

As usual 3pm session has been pilates for the past few weeks. I feel this session it was more easier than the last two sessions I had. This time I found it easier to balance and do pilates on my left side. I still used my hand to support me slightly but i felt more supported and I could do more on both sides compared to the last time where I struggled just to hold my balance.


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