Tuesday 18th Oct 2016


Today we looked into what song we could have at the end to contribute to a song mashup. The way the songs work after all of the groups including my own have performed their drama piece based on a musical. We then pick a couple or even just one song from that musical that relates to the story and sing them al as a overall musical theatre group.

Our group decided on Many Moons Ago- Below is a original version although my group has a different version which sounds a lot more modern with the instruments used. The lyrics match although on a more subtle scale due to us modernising the play. The song essentially goes through the story although we may need t0 look at other songs as the lyrics have bits from the original version where we have stripped it all back and changed the story slightly. Overall it is definitely a possibility.

After looking at the song one of our group members went up to the library to go search for the sheet music and see if they had any. Meanwhile me (Dad) and Chloe (Mum) spoke about the backstory of our relationship as we feel backstories are very important especially with characters who we need to understand and what they went through in a relationship such as ours.

I only wrote the backstory of my character for now but will group together final ideas later on and brainstorm so I know how to react to other people more realistically and etc. We spoke about a realistic age we did agree on 46 and 44 however I suggested the lower it is the more realistic it is to our casting. We managed to lower the ages to 40 – Bruce Biggles and 42 – Betty Biggles.

Brief overview we did agree this was their first marriage Bruce had always been hard working and Betty not too far behind. Although both successful for different reasons Bruce was hard working as he wanted to achieve a good life where Betty was very self centred and rose herself up from being this way.

Bruce Biggles – Working class, works all day long to keep the household afloat. Rarely see’s his children and when he does they are typically smothered by their overbearing mother. To calm his annoyance he typically reads or does something for example watch tv to try and blank out this bad married life. The real irony is that he is a layer although he is blind to his wife and how she uses him for the money.

Betty Biggles – Met Bruce at work. Worked with him a short while before the two decided to  see each and eventually start a relationship they then got married and had a child. Of course after this she decided the working life was not for her and just kept as self centred as always and gave up work to become a full time mother. Although now her child is all grown up she likes to think the world of him and keep her child as her perfect child image she has.



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