Wednesday 19th Oct 2016

Ballet (Dance)

Today we looked at correcting each other. In pairs we got told to go into certain ballet poses. We would then say to each other what we think they need to change. Also during the Ballet runs today when rising and when rotating to face my other side. I need to stop going on Pointe and move on Demi. The reason for this is she said i have extremely strong feet although I need to work other muscles before I learn to use Pointe properly. Strangely some students asked me to show them I am far from perfect but I can do Pointe with not too much pain. And for some reason I instantly go towards Pointe either that or I sit just barely on the ball of my foot. I think this is as the teacher said I am not use to certain muscles being used. I do hope after i have perfected Demi and other techniques I could possibly learn to do Pointe efficiently. I would say I am capable but with no training in Pointe or most students not knowing on Pointe either it is hard for me to tell if i am even doing it correctly. Something that my partner spoke about was my posture. My posture is something I need to work on a lot. Overall today we much more productive than any other session so far for me. Maybe it was because I knew 100% what I need to work on now.


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