Monday 31st October 2016

Warm-up (Dance)

Today we ran through Witches Reel and Gay Gordon’s. Both of which I have learnt and ran through before. It was a good recap and always fun especially when we are doing it in different groups and different partners for the Gay Gordon’s. It always a fun dance warm up. For Witches Reel it is more about energy where as Gay Gordon’s dance which requires more tempo and is generally slow paced.

Gay Gordon’s Research

I decided to look slightly into this dance and add to my research about it. The main reason for this is I am very free for some periods.

The Gay Gordons is a popular dance at ceilidh’s and other kinds of informal and social dance in Scotland. It is an “old-time” dance, of a type popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, in which every couple dances the same steps, usually in a circle around the room. The name alludes to a Scottish regiment, the Gordan Highlanders.

Above is some information about the dance such where the originates from as well as where the dance is typically performed. It also says the period for which the dance was very popular.

Bars Description
1-2 Right hands joined over lady’s shoulder (man’s arm behind her back) and left hands joined in front, walk forward for four steps, starting on the right foot.
3-4 Still moving in the same direction, and without letting go, pivot on the spot (so left hand is behind lady and right hand is in front) and take four steps backwards.
5-8 Repeat in the opposite direction.
9-12 Drop left hands, raise right hands above lady’s head. Lady pivots on the spot. (The man may set).
13-16 Joining hands in ballroom hold, polka (dance step) round the room.

From this table is clearly explains how the typical Gay Gordon’s dance goes as well as the beats for the dance. Looking at these steps we d the identical steps to this table. We also got told it is always a god dance to do as in some shows ball room dances can be quite common. So that makes the Gay Gordon’s Dance helpful to learn for the future.

Wikipedia, Gay Gordons (dance), Internet, : The table is sourced from this website and also the in depth detail about where it is shown and originates from is from the website.

Witches Reel Research

Witches Reel is a traditional ceilidh dance from Scotland which is quite interesting as Gay Gordon’s is also from the same place and genre od dance. It is apparently estimated around 200 years old and was thought to be a forgotten dance at one point.

Down below is the steps and what is involved in the dance. Looking at the steps of this dance we done something very similar if not the same. I found it interesting the two dances originate from the same area as both have quite different temps and one involves partner work compared the other which is group work.

The top couple form an arch at the top of the room, with all couples passing underneath the arch.

Then all the boys, side by side, link arms as if a pirate. All the girls link arms, side by side, as if a piratesse. The top couple (who just provided an arch) reach across to hold each other’s hand to complete the “n” shape.

The first two girls in line form an arch and the top boy then leads all of the “n” shaped dance through this arch (which inevitably makes the room wheel in unison)

When back in line, the first two boys return the compliment, forming an arch, and the first lady now leads the “n” shaped dance through this arch to finish the dance.

Wikipedia, Witches reel, Internet, : The steps of the dance are sourced from this site the other information comes from the website however it is in my own words.



Street Dance (Dance)

Today in street dance it looked as though we was back to being a full group again now that musical is not running alongside it for now. A few more people have joined street dance. Todays focus was to get us in groups however not have a leader as such and let everyone have their say of ideas. The main reason for this is soon we will be observed by a teacher and we will attempt to create some sequences as a class. First we got put into groups and spoke about ideas however I did not have any ideas as I am very new with street dance and my knowledge on the street dance is very low. We then started to create sequences my mod was pretty bad this session I weren’t really sure on a reason in particular a general bad day I guess. However near the end I started to feel better and felt I attempted and was more successful. I did feel as though my group was not very observant of me however as I said a few times I am struggling and they ignored me and moved on. Maybe they did not hear me that’s what I hoped anyway. Near the start I struggled to pick anything up although towards the end it became a bit easier for me. Hopefully next street dance lesson we can continue and recap this dance as I only just started to grasp it this lesson. I think one reason that put me down was my lacking of skill and what and how I should do something. It was very quick paced although on a positive maybe these lessons will help me adapt this and learn steps a lot quicker.


General Notes:

For 1:1 singing practise I attempted to print the sheet music however the scanner was not working today so I will wait a few days before 1:1 singing to try again if not I will ask Gary or Paul or even buy the sheet music online. Although I have the lyrics teachers prefer to have sheet music and one little tip to myself is that they prefer it a lot more if the sheets are properly put together.

I have the script for Rent auditions which will be next week I may not have a pair till the day however I will still look and think about which part I prefer and analyse what happens in the script slightly.

For audition prep I accidently left my monologue (Honey from Cressida) at home although it is okay this week as I have yet to show my song. It also can be counted as a extra rehearsal and feedback session to help with my 1:1 singing lessons.

In study periods I am mainly focusing on adding videos and pictures which I have from as few days and weeks back onto my word press.




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