Thursday 3rd November 2016

Jazz Lesson (Dance)

Today we done the normal warm up before we start by stretching etc. After this we then learnt a new piece of dance that is known by most people. Personally I have heard of it and seen it although its the first time I have done it. It was hard to learn with my partner during a fall bit where the girl falls in their arms and the boy moves their legs other them to create a kind of roll effect. Although my partner was a bit tall and I was short so during that bit we swapped into another partner for that bit. It took me a bit of work but the majority of the dance is following patterns and doing the opposite of our partners so that was very helpful land made it a lot easier to learn. I struggled at first but after a while we got it. One thing we do need to focus on for this dance is faces for Charleston we got told we need a very cheesy face during it. The dance was partner work also. Down below is part of the Charleston we learnt today.

In tap we done the typical warmup sequence to get out feet working I think as a class and individual I now know it fairly well and have learn’t the rough pattern..Also today me and my partner in to dance we finally managed to perform a lift. i had the trouble of lacking strength although now I can easily lift her although in parts it was more down to her supporting her self rather than using me completely. This may have partly been the reason why we found it harder. i was pretty happy with today although it was mainly remembering what we done a few weeks ago.





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