Tuesday 1st November

Accents (Extra Curric. Drama)

Today for 3pm session we worked on accents work with Lynn Whitehead.

First we spoke about a very particular part of our mouth which is called the alveoli ridge. We then spoke about how we use it when speaking such as ‘T’ and ‘D’ letter. This is very important with accent work as it is more about using your mouth correctly when doing accent work. Rather than the stereotype of putting on a voice if you use your mouth and voice correctly is should become a natural accent. Another thing we spoke about in class is voiced and non voiced.

Examples of what we said differently to create different accents would include:

Terrible > Teddible

Round > Rind

Round > Rah-ind

Nice > Nayss (Glottal Stop Included)

Film > Filum

Fairy’s > Furries

Today was incredibly helpful and surprising I was actually pleasantly surprised with my accent I attempted. It also showed and taught me that accents are not too hard more so knowing what you are doing with each accent. One last note I made on today was Closed or Open throat it is very important as it can change how your accent will be heard as. For example American is very closed during letters compared to English where you throat is more open.







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