Wednesday 2nd November

Ballet (Dance)

Today in class It was a more personal lesson as other people were in Our House. It was taught the same but on a more personal level due to having a very small class. First we got the ballet barre out as normal and done the normal warm-up during Ballet. It involves numerous Ballet moves and positions. It follows a pattern for example arms Plies Demi and Grande. Feet are in 1st position and we also move our arms down into our Plies. First we do demi plies > Rise (Balls of our feet stand straight with arms in 2nd position ?) Then to follow a pattern Grande Plies > Rise.

We looked at the pattern of this and some other ballet practises. Today was making sure we get a headstart and do things correctly and also know the pattern to the ballet. One thing that I struggled with was keeping up I kept looking at other peoples and tried to copy them being honest. Towards the end I felt like this habit was starting to break. As I was at the end of the bar when we changed to alternate sides I could not see anyone so had to parties what I could. I found this was beneficial to learn the pattern like this. I also struggled greatly to look towards the corner of the room looking diagonally. The teacher noticed and said for me to make a character if needs be but I need to look more confident when doing the ballet exercise. Which is 100% correct I love dance but I sometimes feel like I am doing it wrong and I need to start to not think like that. Although regardless I still done the Ballet Barre work. It was helpful for me I felt one reason I could not look  at the diagonal was for comfort as I was looking at other people or towards the end my own posture and feet in the mirror. Regardless I feel this was a good target for me to set myself in that I can confidently do dance.


Christmas Dance (Extra Curric. Dance)

For Christmas dance it has been going well keep in mind this video we are missing a partner. I had my partner however. I feel it went well although I need to make my moved sharper and attempt to add more energy in my dance to perk the dance up. Although I cannot really name a bit I struggle with. However one bit although I knew it there is a bit where the two boys (Me) kick their legs while the girls watch I done something weird but managed to regain it during it.


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