Friday 4th November

Audition Preparation

This week for audition prep I did not perform anything today due to having talks about auditions. I was planning on singing ‘Oh What A Wonderful Morning’. Although hopefully next week we can look into it. I also need to still prepare a young male Shakespeare monologue. Although I do have a modern monologue planned and will look into getting my Honey – Cressida monologue for next week. Today we started by listing musicals we have seen I have listed mine that I can remember as notes:

Rocky Horror Show – Film

The Play That Goes Wrong – London (Mischief Theatre)

Stones in His Pockets – Maria Jonas – Royal Theatre Bury.St.Edmunds

Joan, Babs and Shelagh Too – Conscious Theatre

Sweeney Todd – Film

A Flea in Her Ear – College

Into The Woods – Film

Mamma Mia – Film

After this some people then spoke about why they enjoyed the shows and whether they enjoyed it or not plus key information about the show such as directors etc.

After we then listed skills or classes we have/had:

Spinning Wheel – Drama Company

Voca – Choir

Street Dance – Dance Company (College)

Jazz, tap and ballet – College lessons

Promenade – College

Tuesdays College Choir – College

Sign Language Alphabet – self taught

Sewing/ Cross stitch – self taught

I.t proficient – Upper School/ Self

The reason we done these was if we are asked a question about what we do or skills we have we will know some rather than not knowing. As well as knowing more general information about some of the shows we have seen e.g. I looked into who was the director of ‘Stones in His Pockets’.


1:1 Singing (Singing)

Today I sang ‘What A Wonderful Morning’ Today I managed to learn the lines to the song. I sang it and B basically said try certain bits again and helped me analyse the song which can help me sing it in character more easier. She looked at what I came up with after she explained what my character could be feeling while I sing. Each time she said it sounded better each time. She also said it was the best I have sang today. One main thing she said I need to work on is my pronunciation of letter e.g. TH > F. She asked if I noticed and I did as this is something that recurs a lot in monologues with me although I know how to say TH words sometimes I forget to do it. She also said if I can get TH in my words rather than F. it will make it easier to swap from speaking properly to not pronouncing it. The main word in this song i need to be mindful of when i sing it again is Earth. She said she was happy with my progress and wants me to just print of lyrics and write the notes we made on what we spoke about the song today. And also gave me a new song to learn the song from My Fair Lady ‘On The Street Where You Live’. The song is a tenor song and I will start learning it as soon as possible. I have now got the music sheets prepared for the session.

What a wonder etc. , good emotion, H >Th, Learnt words, was i happy why not or why yes?



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