Monday 7th November

Gary’s Lesson (Drama)

Today we got together all our script on Friday and had a read through of our current script to the group. Down below is our first read through we was only missing one scene as the person who created the missing scene is was not here today. However I think it was a very good starting point. I feel I do not have many lines although I do have a monologue to write still. I feel it will be a challenging role for me due to my stature and type casting although it will be a good challenge for me. The comments was mainly positive and Gary said we have a lot of potential. Just some bits need to be made more naturalistic for e.g. in one bit Thursday is repeated too much and it gets repetitive. Or another overall example would be running into the lines too quickly. Overall today was a good read through we have the majority of the script we just need to edit some parts and make sure it all makes sense in parts.


Bent Auditions (Extra Curric. Drama)

So today we had Bent auditions. These were interesting what happened first was we got shown a bit of information on  some slides so we could get a idea of what the show will represent and why. After the information slides we then performed our dual monologues (two people). We had to pick two boys I managed to get a partner but not until the day. This was a struggle in its own way. However I think it actually went pretty well. I did not look at the play in a hug depth although I knew it was about Nazis and gay people.

scnee 1.jpg

In this scene Rudy and Max have just ran away from the Nazis. Max seems to try and be positive and is planning to escape the border. Rudy is slightly negative about this as Max has done deals before and they did not go to plan. After being discouraged the two speak more about the plan and Rudy tells Max he has told someone to meet them here to sort out special spots to get across the border. I decided to learn Max as at first glance I figured he may fit me more as a character. It went really well and I was happy with what me and my partner produced. Although I feel I could have done it better if me and my partner was decided earlier rather than just today. I also feel I should have looked more into the characters.

I am looking forward to tomorrow as we will be continuing script work and hope I may be able to get a part in this show. I am looking forward and hope I will get a part as I have not been in  a season show for a while. Also it sounds like it fits my type casting pretty well as I  am pretty camp however this can work against me as I may be to camp or have a to young appearance the show is about men rather than teen boys which will be why Gary will take special consideration with the cast.






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