Tuesday 8th November 2016

Scripts (Drama/Singing)

Today me and my group decided out 2nd song which will be ‘Shy’ and ‘Many Moons Ago’. Both have a good relationship to the show and still fit in with adaptation. For example many moons ago is basically about the main plot of the story. And shy relates directly to my character as my character is outspoken by the mother. The plan is I learn and sing the start and the rest of the cast comes in. For many moons ago we was going to sing it as a group fro the start. I also asked what singing groups we are in and we have 1 Bass (Alfie) and 2 Mezzo-Soprano’s (Lauren and Chloe) and 1 Baritone (Me). I feel this balances well it means we can both help each other in pairs and maybe learn the singing parts in pairs. We have also managed to get the song sheets for both. We also spoke about when we will meet next and what we will run through.

Bent Auditions (Extra Curric. Drama)

Today we had another script to perform. This time It was Max and Horst both are moving rocks. Horst talks to max and eventually says he loves Max. The audience is then told a bit of information about their life in the camp. Also Max seems to have forgotten the name of his lover who died *spoilers* Rudy. After Horst says to Max he loves him the two keep working and Horst comes up with a special signal which shows he loves Horst. This time I decided to play Horst as he seems more emotional and Max seems pretty blank and wants to ignore what Horst is saying. Quite relatable as a person to me I felt it would be more natural for me to be Horst in this scene.


With this scene we only had a night to practise it compared to the other where we had a few weeks. It was interesting to see what everyone made of the piece. I felt this went ok I wanted to try again I felt I did not connect much with the character this time around. However we have been told that there will be one more script before Gary picks his cast. I also got my group together for the final audition script.






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