Wednesday 9th November 2016

Bent Auditions (Extra Curric. Drama)

For our final Bent auditions I felt it went pretty bad but only for me personally. This could be my attitude I am not sure. However I did delay with reading the words in places and one of group members filled in the gap while I read it. In this scene it continues form the one yesterday and a captain is overlooking them and Horst coughs so the captain investigates him and asks for his hat. This later leads to other things /Death . Horst and Max are very on edge overworked and tired. Especially on edge when the captain asks for Horst’s hat as they both know what this may lead to.

After the script performing we went Into the opposite spectrum of the mood and had to improvise a gay bar. The reason for this is before the Nazi’s attack it is based In a gay club. It was very fun although Gary did comment saying no one kissed.

Lastly I did not get in the show. However I look forward to watching it regardless as it will  be interesting to watch. I feel I may not have got in as I was not among the few people who knew the words. I also did not look into the character or the show. This put me at a disadvantage and next time I will try to look into the show before hand. Regardless I enjoyed the experience as it gave me a chance to act serious. I normally don’t get many chances to act serious and heartfelt. Although I felt I could have done better. It also gave me a nice experience to audition for something again.


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