Monday 14th November 2016

Warm-up (Extra Curric.)

Small stretches today and then we walked around while having thoughts in our heads. I listed a few emotions we added to our walk and each time it made us feel, look or walk different. The emotions were hot sand, late, wasting time, sea, happy and you know something. Each time we would keep this in mind for example with hot sand we would walk quickly and skip around. Compared to the you know something where we would casually stroll and stand tall trying not to be too mischievous looking.


Gary Lesson (Once Upon A Mattress/ Acting)

Today we got our pieces of script we have all written and finally printed it into a full script for each of us. Today we looked more into lines and learning them. So we sat as a group and read through as one of our members done a small edit to parts to make it more improved. Now we have the scripts its a lot less stress on us all I feel. We also now have the sheet music for us all to start to learn. We plan to learn all our lines by Friday as the show day is not far now. Also one song has been cut due to time and only needing one. Rather than Shy and Many Moons Ago we shall just be singing Many Moons Ago as it covers the brief synopsis of the play more rather than just one focus on my character. I’m not too happy with this as I have very few lines and it was hopefully going to be something I could have done. Although due to time and talks between the group it has been taken out for now although we still have the music in case we do need it soon.script


Street dance (Extra Curric. Dance)

Today for street dance the only focus was to discuss songs we could use. Most people came up with two songs and as a group we decided which ones work the best. Still not decided on songs 100% just yet. We also discussed and got a techie to come in and listen to the songs to find out whether we can get them to fade into each well or not. So today was more planning than actual street dance although I still found it beneficial to get a idea of street dance songs and what we may be dancing too. The reason for this is I do not have a great deal of knowledge or experience in street dance or even street music.





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