Tuesday 15th November 2016

Morning Choir (Extra Curric. Singing)

Today we warmed up our voices with the typical warm up and then started to sign some Christmas songs. which are Jingle Bells Swing and 12 Days of Christmas. With Jingle Bells Swing we just sang through and made sure we still know it well. For 12 Days of Christmas this is something most people know but we just added some actions and split into small groups to sing each day of Christmas.


Group Read Through (Once Upon a Mattress)

Today we got help from Birgitta and brought along the sheet music which she looked at and played both songs for us. We then decided we was certain Many Moons Ago works better. One person then recorded her singing and sent it to our group chat for us all to listen.

She also mentioned the song splits well into characters :

Princess – Chanel

Prince – Bartholomew

Queen – Mum

Narrator – Me (As their is no father in this song)

We then went off split the song into chorus and parts we need to learn for each person. We also got our parts highlighted and can look online for the YouTube version if we need to listen to the song. One group member also printed out the lyrics of the song for us.

For the last bit of time we then had we thought it would be best to read through lines with the little time we have less just to freshen our minds and learn our lines.


Christmas Dance (Extra Curric. Dance)

Today we went through the dance and looked at the video to recap what we have done. We then got the teachers help to look at the dance and say and attempt to help us refine the some of the parts in the dance. Me and my partner has most of the dance we got told my main focus is just my face really. Smile with my teeth ^^. We also had a few bits changed to make it easier for the other pair to learn as they were struggling a bit. This confused me at first but near the end I was ok with the new change. However we are now at the stage of just cleaning the dance. Also next lesson I will ask if we can record it to make sure we remember it and etc.




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