Wednesday 16th November 2016

Ballet (Dance)

Today in ballet we focused a lot on the typical sequence we have done before. One main thing that stuck out to me it when we stand on the balls of our feet at one point we need to rotate our feet to show the heels to the side. I normally struggle and the teacher said it was a lot better today. I feel I now know the sequence relatively well we started to do these steps were we push one of feet to the ground with a lot of pressure and we either done this just off the ground or on the floor. Today I felt good about what I had done although I did feel maybe I could have put more effort into standing tall and strong. Also we done one step where we kick one foot out to the side I then realised I needed to turn out my foot and corrected myself soon after.



Once Upon A Mattress – Read Through

We have already ran through and our blocking is really easy for us. We decided to place people in the scene however they can do what feels natural as that is a big focus of the show and out skills for it to seem realistic. And I personally feel if we plan too much movements on stage it may become too unrealistic as well as not be natural. So today we ran through Our scripts once again


Improv Auditions (Extra Curric. Drama)

For Improv auditions we actually played Improv games. One game we played was the whole class forms a circle around the floor two people then enter the scene and someone will say freeze to stop their scene. The two people will stop in their pose. Another person will be sent in and tap someone to swap them out for that person. that person will then change the scenario and continue on to another scene.




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