Friday 18th November 2016

1:1 Singing Lessons (Singing)

Today I sang ‘On The Street Where You Live’ It is a Tenor song and is from the musical ‘My Fair Lady’ A short analysis of the summary would be a man singing about a lady he likes and what he feels when he is near her. I learnt the song relatively late I managed to learn the tune however which my teacher was happy with although she was not happy I did not learn the lines. However she managed to teach me more parts of the song I struggled with. I mainly struggled with the high parts and would slightly not be able to do them. However she said it is all in my head and she knows I can do them. She got me to stand better and think about drilling my voice into a wall as well as use my body by moving my shoulders slightly back. This time it surprisingly worked. I was very surprised as I have never tried to belt that successfully before. She said I knew the tune very well as she tested it by sometimes dropping the piano. She also said it was definitely the best lesson she has had with me yet and that I have a lot better voice than I thin and feels as though I still have more to offer after seeing what I can do with basic lessons.


Today I felt slightly emotional and after this session I was unsure whether I would move to technical theatre however later this day I sent her a message about 1:1 singing lessons due to me thinking about technical theatre (Explained more in 21st November Monday Blog) She suggested another teacher who I actually know of slightly. So I will be considering this and maybe think about continuing lessons.


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