Monday 21st November 2016

Once Upon A Mattress (Drama )

Today we looked into one scene particularly. The reason we only focused on this scene was it is a main scene in our piece. Also we was missing one of the main character due to her being ill. So the way we approached this is we improved the scene with more detail. In the original it runs straight into the son coming home however we have now added more dialogue between characters including myself. To flesh out the scene make it seem more natural as well as add more personality to the characters. So what we done after being asked and given a few examples by the teacher we ran the scene improvised a new extended version of the scene and voice recorded the new version. From this we then sat as a group and discussed and wrote up the new extended bit of the scene. I was happy with this process as it gave me a little bit more to say as well as do. During this scene we are all at the dinner table however my character is mostly quiet for the whole scene. This means for a lot of the scene in the original version I was unsure what to do in most of this scene. Now I have more to work with and have a few added actions in the scene. Going through this scene I feel this process helped it greatly although we now need to try and focus on other parts of the script when we are  available to do so.


Technical Theatre Offer?

I got offered to move to production arts as I had a interest in Spinning Wheel (Amateur Drama Co.) It got back to teachers and they offered me to move. I decided I would as drama school and uni I have no interest of going to for now. I also originally wanted to do tech when I went through my Level.2 Performing. Arts course then changed my mind towards the end of it. As well as having experience in I.C.T, Art and design and sewing on top of the fact it was my first choice. I originally changed my mind as I figured I may not have enough experience for technical theatre in level.3 which is similar to a levels. However I got told that’s of course why I would get taught it. I also see my self In a job a lot more as a techie as I like technology have basic skill with I.C.T work. I also decided I would not give up singing and dancing after my current clubs ~ Voca (Choir) and Spinning Wheel (Drama). I would look into 1:1 singing and a ballet class. My thinking is a zero hour job if possible along with a freelance job seem to work well with each in my head. This means I watch performances while working and eventually getting experience in both sides of theatre. Also if I ever get lucky I may be able to perform on stage a few times. But for now I want to focus on my ballet skills, tech skills and singing. As far as drama I will try to slip in some acting clubs and etc. to keep my skills and further hone them.


Bent Techie Notes (Technical Theatre ~ Notes)

Today I did not really have too much of a clue what to do. I just took my initiative and asked for a script and wrote some notes onto it. I am not sure what side of technical I will be doing for Bent. So for today I just wrote general notes about the show and ideas. Basically a list and brain storm of rough ideas. Me and the Techies sat in the corner listened to some specific things Gary is looking for in Bent. We then watched the blocking and rehearsal of Scene 1 Act 1.

All my notes on Bent are above. A lot of things I just wrote. For now I will just be a extra idea creator and note person till I finish this Musical Theatre unit and move properly and get assigned as proper topic to focus on in tech. I am planning on just making notes and when I move properly and idea sharing comes around I can put my ideas and issues out their in hopes not all of them have been noted by others.


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