Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Once Upon  A Mattress (Drama)

Today we focused on learning the new scripted piece added onto to scene 3. One of our group members wrote out the edited and updated version for us all to run and learn today. So we ran through the scene we will record the next rehearsal as for today it was just blocking and correcting the script if it needed it at all.

We also continued on briefly into Scene 4. In this scene The Father and Son connect for the first time after the mother who did not let the Father (Me) speak. The two connect we worked on making it a little bit more realistic and it worked very well. I just need to be cautious of paraphrasing it too  much otherwise it sometimes does not make sense. I also got a brief note about trying to find my characters voice as I need to try and deepen my voice and be a bit more manly if possible.

Also down below is a prop sheet one of our group members has written up and put on our group chat for reference. Also we will be practising out song ‘Many Moons Ago’ very soon either tomorrow or the day after.



Christmas Dances (Extra Curric. Dance)

Today In Christmas dances we focused for 20 minutes on our one. We then focused on the whole group dance after. For the small group dance we need to be cautious of our space. And we also got the new version cleaned as bits got changed to make it better. I got a bit confused on parts however after I was confident I know the new positioning. In the big group dance it was more so positions as me and one boy are at the back. And as its a odd number so we needed to be mindful of one person that is directly at the back.



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