Wednesday 23th November 2016

Ballet (Dance)

Today in Ballet I could do the majority of it well however I did get told when balancing on the balls of my I need to be mindful my back is relatively straight as I lent a bit. Another note was in 5th position ? one foot in front by a distance. I struggled to reach the floor to do a Grande Plié. After moving my feet out a little less this was not as much of a struggle. I feel I need to focus more on keeping my arms and legs more strong when doing ballet. I feel my back is ok and mostly always straight unless balancing. I also at times when balancing had to sort out my feet while balancing as I keep falling onto my tips of my toes instead. However the more lessons we are doing the less frequent this happens. I also struggled with Developpe as it was new and struggled to follow the pattern as I was too focused on getting my leg right. Hopefully next time I can be mindful of the pattern and getting it right however for today I mainly focused on sorting my legs turnout etc. when doing Developpe. We also worked in pairs to do these I felt It made it a lot harder than working on the Barre. The main reason is if one lost the pattern we both did however one huge positive is we had to mindful of how much pressure we put on our partner as we may knock each other off balance.



Once Upon A Mattress (Drama/Singing)

Today me and my group focused on our song. We done this by listening to the recording of the teacher singing all the parts and sang along with it. I already knew the tune of the song as I have listened to it a few times before. Listening to us all sing it together was very good i am a bit stressed about learning the words. However for now we have the tune we now just need to work on cleaning the song  and learn the words. Also look at how we can transition  from the performance into the song. Today was helpful to look into the song and i think with one more rehearsal i will get the words quite quickly especially as I know the tune.


Bent (Extra Curric. Drama) / Techie?

Today was slightly different because Bent is based off prisoners, Nazis and gays we had a drill sergent come in and do a drill. This was more so for the actors especially the guards in Bent. However we all got involved for techies it was more so due to the feeling and i guess in a way we can visualise what staging and other things while we was doing the drill. It was interesting to see the split from relaxed to when the sergent entered the room. He had a instant presence that caused the majority of us to listen and act as if we were soldiers of prisoners.

After the drill we then looked into Scene One Act One. Although today I toned a bit down on my notes for now as i have no specific technical side i need to focus on for now. I should be told what i need to focus on for my ideas and show once I am properly enrolled as a technical theatre student. Regardless being in some of these sessions due to other seasonal shows going will give me a clue and a good starting point when i have a technical focus.bent-notes


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