Thursday 24th November 2016

Tap/Jazz (Dance)

Today in Tap dance we started the lesson with the typical warmup. And in Jazz which we started with physical warmups and stretching. We then continued Disco dance and Charleston dance. The way the teacher taught us steps was she would teach us a sequence before joining it to the dance. So we would be taught it then run through the dance after the first run or a few depending on what was remembered etc. we would then move on and she would show us what we was taught before and piece it together with the dance. However for tap dance I had tap shoes for this session.

Lifts (Dance)

Today we worked on something a bit different today after running through the pieces we had/ learn’t. We worked on lifts and some physical things such as rolls and handstands etc. One thing we tried was handstands with a partner to grab your legs and support you. Surprisingly I was able to get my legs up however my partner held onto me although my arms would give way and I slightly landed on my head/side so  after this for safety purposes I stopped. My arm was slightly in pain from yesterday from Bent as we done a lot of pushups and my upper body strength is quite lacking. some rolls we practised were forward and back rolls. When told how to do these rolls I found it very easy to perform these rolls without trouble. I attempted a cartwheel also although my arm was a bit stiff so I wimped out just before and did not do a cartwheel. From what I know in general I can do cartwheels although I can’t always do it.


Christmas Dance (Extra Curric. Dance)

Today in Christmas dances we spent 20 minutes on working on the whole group dance.


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