Week 12 – Production Week

Monday 28th November 2016

Bent (Tech Notes)

Today we looked at:

Act: One Scene: One

Act: One Scene: Two

Act: One Scene: Three

Act: One Scene: Four

The way I let today work was I just wrote notes on what I thought about the show and brief notes and explanations on certain things either from my thoughts or given by the director. Down below are notes I have made so far I shall go into more detail during our session when techs get to explain their ideas and notes. Most is just for me personally as a noting process.



Tuesday 29th November 2016

Technical Theatre Move Over (Notes)

Today I got asked if I could focus on sound however I decided and said I will look into it but will just continue to make general notes. Later on today the student manager said he may ask if I can help with other things too as sound is fairly small in terms of preparation and notes. So either way I felt my best approach would be too note all my ideas and suggest them when we gather next which if I am correct is normally Monday I have been told.

Later in this week hopefully I will be shown and told the brief for technical theatre soon. Also I have now officially moved into Technical Theatre as my timetable and brief will follow Tech from now on.

Bent (Tech Notes) 

Today we looked at:

Act: One Scene: Five

Act: One Scene: Six




Wednesday 30th November 2016

Theatre Practical

Today we prepared for a show later tonight a fashion show. It was very simple what we done was get tape and mark out a walk area for the models to walk down in a T shape. And also placed some screens in the curtains for the models to change etc. One health and safety thing we needed to measure for was that there is a 1m gap between the screens and fire exit. We also made sure the clamps faced towards the curtain so it is a lot less likely for the models to catch on them. Also something to note as I am fairly new and could not attend tonight I did not do any of the tech for the model show tonight.

Also some of the other technical theatre students worked on a few things such as music for other shows coming up.



Also today I looked at and got told some of the lights that was in the theatre today:

Fresnel’s – Typically have barn doors

Flood – Can be placed on the floor or up

Profile – Longer, normally front lighting

Parkcan – Square front bit is chunky and typically has gels to create coloured lighting

Bent (Tech Notes)

Today we looked at:

Act: One Scene: Six

The way I am going to set out my notes is I will do general notes and later on I will make a running list of all sound effects I need and will clarify with everyone that that is all the sounds effects we need. I will also keep on hand the rest of my notes as I may be a spare hand for other preparations in the show.




Thursday 1st December 2016

Live Sound


Wedge speakers these specific ones was for the performer to be able to hear themselves. typically wedge speakers are used for this due to their smaller size.


two-either-side-of-main-stage-for-audienceI am unsure of the name of these speakers however two was either side of the wedge speakers facing the audience these speakers were used for the audience to be able to hear the performer.


main-tech-deskThis is one of the monitors this controls a lot of the sound and volume and how much bass etc. comes through. This specific one was on the right of the wedge speakers to be able to adjust the volume of the performers speakers. Something to note is that the performers speakers are hopefully quieter than the audience speakers so the performer can hear them but the audience cannot.

Both of these can be used to check volumes and on certain parts. Monitors Mix > PFL > Shows volume of the right hand side. The ideal range is to have a small bit maybe two bars of orange and the rest green.


labelled tech.jpgI took this picture as each column has a white sticker on these tech boards probably for learning but regardless this is helpful to note.


white buttons.jpgThis picture is to show the whiter buttons which if I am correct control the main sound output of certain speakers etc.


playercoonectorThis was next to the main tech board. On top is the actual player as for today we just used recordings to practise. It also has a connector if I am correct? , The connector is fairly simple for what it does simply connects to certain speakers etc.


main-main-deskHere is the main and most important tech desk. The reason for this is that this particular tech desk is for the audience speakers and is the most loud. it also means if errors are made it is very important and controls the main sounds of them.


other-techThis was next to the main tech desk and is used the same way the other connector was.


Something’s to note is that I completely forgot to take a picture of the compressor. What this does is it limits the volume of certain things and is used to adjust the quality of the song if I am correct as speakers have certain limits before they will start to crack etc. it sends outputs and inputs to other speakers. There was two compressors one for bass/guitar and the other one for kick and snare. Its most important job is to sort out certain notes of performers if it is a struggle to hear pronunciation and notes.

Production Meeting

Bent (Tech Notes)

For Bent today I could not see what they did as I still have a commitment from MT which is Christmas Dances hopefully it should be finished soon though. I also need to ask what I missed through another techie. Or hopefully tomorrow they will re run things and I can note things which are obviously in the script and ask about the plus information I need to know.





Friday 2nd December 2016

Audition Preparation

Today some 2nd year techies got a mock interview and we got to watch and note down the questions. I am unsure of how I want to approach going into the industry however it is still good to have technical skills and have those interview skills for the future.

Questions I Noted:

Why you chose this course?

Particular things they cover  that interest you?

What are you doing at the moment?

What things did you do?

On what Level have you did shows?

What other roles have you taken in shows?

Panel also asked if he/she had any questions

Panel also commented on their folder questioning a few things they had etc.

Students and teachers spoke about improvements for these particular people a common tip was try to get the information of their questions before they even ask it. Another was be confident but be real too as it is not like a monologue so it is ok to be a bit more natural.

Theory Lesson

What are the most challenging things about the interview?

Walking in – A tip for this was that you should be aware it is not life and death it is ok to be scared as it shows you care but at the same time wherever you get auditioned it can be your future they hold. And to get over this you need to remember you are just speaking about what you enjoy and want to invest your time into.

Answering questions wrong – For this you simply need to be confident what you are saying and also know what you are speaking about.

Other tips was that you need to take your time and try not to talk into too much detail just what is important. Another tip was try and fit in a laugh line to try and break the ice and stick out more as friendly. Also try to fit in as much information about yourself as possible e.g.. I sew and know the sign language alphabet.

Also from today I personally need to make sure I get pictures and etc. To start and create a portfolio for year 2. As well as think about some of these questions and my answers to them.

Bent (Warm-up ?)

Today techs got involved in the teachers warm-up we basically walked around and when he said go we would stop and say ‘This is my space’ as loud as you can. The other was a clap and response exercise to get our brains working and for actors to connect more. For the purpose of a techie it has little value other than to connect and have fun more with people. And also get our brains into gear. The main purpose of this exercise was for actors to connect with one another and also hold their ground on stage and be confident.

Bent (Tech Notes)

Today we looked at:

Act: One Scene: Two

Today was a revisit however I added more detail to my notes in more depth and overall got more of a guide from Gary to think about production things etc.






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