Week 13 – Production Week

Monday 5th December 2016

Production Meeting

Today I also got a quick run down of the production theatre brief and what has been done/is being done. I did not have much to say as these meetings are more so people can know and what is needed for both our shows going on. I did not really need to say much as sound is not really a priority right now and will not clash with Lilies and Bent.

Lighting (Rigging)

Today in lesson I learnt how to rig a light and was a spare hand in handing lights up and down to rig them for the upcoming shows. We are planning to continue rigging the rest of the lights some point tomorrow.


Above is one of the lanterns. To rig the light the clamp at the top you turn the screw to loosen it then tighten it on the bar above in the theatre. Pretty simple although for today I just observed everyone.


Each socket above in the theatre is numbered and the plans use these to know how many light and also where the lights can be rigged onto the bar go. Relatively easy to understand from this.


Here is a picture of a profile up and rigged

Bent (Notes)

Today we watched a teaser trailer to roughly know what we want the show to be like. Today was more focused on the actors and prepping them with focus exercises and videos.

Today we looked at:

Act: One Scene: Five

Act: One Scene: Six





Tuesday 6th December 2016

Choir ~ Sang in the choir today preparing for Haughly Park.

Lighting (Rigging Fashion Show)


Today we continued to rig lights this time I actually got to go up myself a few times and rig the lights in the theatre.

Above is a wire with wires on the ground we tend to train track them like above. A metre between each bit of cello tape and try to keep it straight and out of the walkway as much as possible for health and safety.

~ This plan was not written by me and was written by another student in production arts ~


Above is the light plan however I am still learning and most of the plan I don’t understand although I do understand parts. So I had to ask and been told what I needed to rig where for today.

After wards I also got the chance to focus the beams of the lights. For focusing the lights it seems there is typically a twist knob somewhere on the yolk of the light. You twist it and adjust it up or down to change how much light is able to come out. I then adjusted the barn doors on some of the lights today. It was interesting I also got a small talk in health and safety when climbing the scaffold and ladders up to the bars on the ceiling of the theatre. Also you are not suppose to lean out of the ladder of scaffold in case you fall.


Also Another thing I learnt is their should be a extra metal wire this connects to the bar in case the light comes loose and falls it prevents it from hitting anyone. Lastly with electrical wire on the light you kind of twist it around the bar so it does not dangle down and catch etc.


We also set up the chairs once the scaffold and ladder was out of the theatre and packed away properly. The seats were also written on another plan drawn by the teacher which we followed.


Above you can see the lighting we set up today as well as the computer and sound desk ready and set up.

Above is pictures of the computer and people programming for this I just watched and tempted to pick up some of things they were doing so next time I can hopefully get involved in programming the lights and help.


Wednesday 7th December 2016

Today was mainly focused on working on word press and study. I spent most of today doing my tasks and updating my weekly blogs for word press.


Thursday 8th December 2016

Today was mainly focused on working on word press and study. I spent most of today doing my tasks and updating my weekly blogs for word press.

Bent (Notes)

Today we looked at:

Act: One Scene: One

Act: One Scene: Six

Plus a small exercise for the actors.

My notes today was:

  • Rocks down right
  • Tabs open to fence
  • Warm wash to show warmer weather
  • House Light to black then on ~ Guards make cue
  • 20 boxes to replace rocks to rehearse


Friday 9th December 2016

Today we started with employability where we first created a design for the funniest bauble design with a Christmas theme. I felt this was slightly relevant as no matter what it is as a production we create/design the themes based on the show or feelings.

Edmunds Set Up

Later on we then brought some set down to Edmunds. Which is a building on the college and we set up the stage. As well as a few LED lights which we then positioned to shine onto the chairs. I personally helped to put the screws in the stage as well as move some chairs around. The way they tested if the lights were positioned well was one person would stand on stage and walk around and make sure there are no black areas otherwise that means they are too dim in a certain area. The stage itself was simple with the Steel deck and a few chairs on the stage and a few LED lights there too.

Bent (Notes)

Today we looked at all of Act One as well as the practise for interval which they started to block yesterday.

Commedia Dell Art’e

Commedia Dell Art’e meaning the comedy of skill not profession. The origin of the this style of theatre was Italy. Commedia Dell Art’e typically travelled by wagon to travel form place to place. Aka a travelling theatre show. This was a special type of theatrte expecially in this time period due to religion playing a big part. That was until Commedia came around.

This is a special as a troupe of people who always played similar roles in each story was in Commedia Dell Art’e. They refer to these characters as a stock character.


Here are Pantomime characters:

Dame ~ Typically a man who normally playing a older women.

Sometimes Parents are in pantomimes e.g. Jack and The beanstalk (His Mother)

Two Lovers/ Heroes

Prince/ Princess in older pantomimes it was always a princess who was  a damsel in distress that was until more modern versions and pantomimes came around

Baddie/ Villain ~ Sidekick to hero or villain

Dim Sidekick Character ~ Sometimes two (Brokers men)

Magical somebody


One example of a modern show now would be a film series called Carry On. I have watched numerous ones and have a very slapstick and cheesy humour behind them.

Commedia Dell Art’e Stock Character

II Dottire (Docter) ~ obstacle of lover

Pantalone (Pantaloon) ~ Greedy

Gli Innamorati ~ Two lovers

I Gelosi ~ a jealous character normally jealous of the lovers

Arlecchino ~ Servant

II Capitano ~ Spaniard indigenous lover (show off)

Columbina ~ (Little dove) Comic servant

Pierrot ~ Sad clown

Zanni ~ Zany (Comedy servant)

Brigella ~ (Look of lust and greed) Either Zanni or sarvant character


Zany is a interesting character as the concept continues today. For example during intervals they put a Zany on and he does a small miniture show while scene changes go on. Sometimes during shows they still do this. He will generally do stupid things and is physical in nature sometimes and can be extended as long as possible.

You pronounce Commedia Dell Art’e as Comadia dell are a.



+ (Audition Discussions)









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