Week 14 – Production Week

Monday 12th December 2016

Today we took down the stage down at edmundo’s. this took a few minutes it was only the steel stage , a few chairs and a few LED lights. Also we moved the piano also.

Today I also finished one of my tasks which was to research into bent and where is is based. This was good to be able to have a bit more of a understanding of the script and place.


Tuesday 13th December 2016

College Choir 

Today we rehearse through all our songs we have sang and learnt so far. Ready for our performance at Haughley Park.

Bent (Notes)

Today I helped slightly and we measured up almost the whole cast.

Measured their chest while breathing out – This was so they have breathing space in their costumes.

Crotch to leg area – For the length of their trousers.

Neck – For collars


Foot size – for shoes

Waist – Waist measured for trousers.


Wednesday 14th December 2016

Today we played around with the lights and i slightly looked at the programming of the lights. We made the lights do a chase. We then decided to make it a bit fun due to the upcoming holidays. We decided we would do mannequin challenge everyone was very well lit and looked really good the only light which was not well lit however was the blue light.


Thursday 15th December 2016

To start off with we had directed study then later on we had to pack the van for haughley park. I did not have to set anything up once we got on the bus and arrived. The reason for this was two members had already gone up and set up for today. Although we did have to pack away as well as light the path to haughley.

So after we arrived me and the group got given torches and went to do car park patrol. This was mainly due to the dim lit roads and car park also. Me and Zoe just lit and guided the cars to the car park. We had a few things mentioned such as do not flash the light at the drivers obviously and make sure the torch is facing the ground. The easy way to tell if the light was lit slightly off the ground was simply ask your partner if they can see since one was on either side of the road.

After this was done the show happened a lot of waiting and then i finally got to sing in college choir as the finale. Then we had the pack up of everything however this was just putting things back in the fan and rubbish etc. We also got a little bit of help from performers due to us finishing a little bit later than scheduled.



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