Week 15 – Production Week

Wednesday 4th January 2017

Today lessons was a bit free reign due to our teacher being away today. I worked on my action plan for today as well as work more on my word press. We also cleared the equipment from Haughley park that was left into in the theatre back. This was kind of helpful since it showed me where more things are kept around the theatre.

Bent (Notes)

Today the Bent cast improvised the piece for Greta’s scene for today. Most of today was observing the improv scene and visualizing their characters as a whole.


Thursday 5th January 2017

Drama School Students

Today two ex students spoke about their new experiences right now at drama school. And said about tips and etc. Most of their talk was aimed at performers however they did mention about how it can be useful for techies to have the experience of performing. Due to knowing what it is like and how it feels. They also mentioned a few times they actually rigged some lights.

Live Sound (Notes)

Today we had Live Sound although we was supposed to have a live band come in they could not today. So we just focused on feedback though the mics and sound system. Sadly we missed the set up for this due to the drama school student talk. We practised on how to control these and get rid of them. Different frequencies means different ways to get rid of reduce feedback through mics. After we then done the normal procedure when packing things away e.g. coiling wires properly. This strangely helped as it let me see some wired sand prepared myself for when I need to set up which I have little clue about.

Notes From Today: Floor mics + standing mics was used today. Your aim is to turn feedback to the least amount possible. You have what they call gains in mics. You can cup mics to get feedback and practise to get rid of it. You can also shout loud into mic to get feedback. you can also talk too fast to get feedback. Faders control most frequencies. Hold mics off the metal as it affects the sound. Faders are used to turn volume up at a controlled pace, or to turn down/ switch off sound. Each mic and sound is set to a different button on the desk. 5 stand mics and 4 floor mics. Sound check caller at main desk calling which needs to be checked. Need to train your ears to frequencies and pitch most music techs do. Least amount of feedback from drummer mics. 2nd desk set to mono and only deal with one row compared to the other desk.

Bent (Notes)

Today we watched some of act one.


Friday 6th January 2017

Today we started the most of the day watching a show. No Man’s Land. it was a well lit show and had very basic sounds. I personally did not like the sow itself too much but tech wise etc. I felt it was a good show to see. Very basic lights with only a few transitions. One was lights on. However the best one was when the curtains open the lights would come on. This also happened a few more times with lamps etc. They would show very realistic lighting for this show which i felt was nice as i have not seen any shows till now that took up realistic lights and would much rather just do ‘stage lighting’. There was only one sound effect I noticed which was a very quiet sound scape of birds and foliage rustling. Later the actors then had a Q and A however sadly it was not live for us and we watched at the cinema.

Bent (Notes)

Today in Bent we watched while Lilies Of The Land and Bent came together and learnt the Quickstep. Today was quite good for me as it meant I got to listen to a few songs in the time period of Bent.








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