Week 16 – Production Week

Monday 9th January 2017

Production Meeting

Today we had a production meeting. In the meeting I mentioned that I will start to collect the sound effects for Bent this week and briefly mentioned I can try to be a spare hand and help out.

Today after the production meeting as a group we gathered some costume from the clothes rails which may be good for Bent. For now our teacher said just collect them if you think they are suitable and do not show them to director till we are more specific as to why each bit of costume is there. We also briefly mentioned collecting costumes from here for now but later on get some people in the group to go to charity shops etc. to go shopping for more costumes.

Light (Tests)

Today we had a session where we techies got given a floor plan of a show drawn by another student. We had to do a lighting design for the show. We had acting space drawn out and the bars. It was very well lit towards the front however the back of the space needed more lighting. We did run slightly out of time for this to be fair. I mainly just watched and tried to work out and listen in on the design and how to create them etc.

After this we then went into playing with gels to make a wash in the theatre. I suggested a galaxy theme so pinks, blues, purples and possibly yellows.

(Below is a rough version of the Galaxy Theme)


Surprisingly the group went with idea. We decided not to use yellow since it will wash out the other colours due to the brightness of it. Blue and purples we was a bit low on the gels.  In the end it wasn’t as I hoped however it was still nice. It was very overpowered by pinks and although the gels appeared darker when put it they appeared very light. There was two lights on the floor and 6 floods we used on the bars. For my theme we didn’t quite have the colours we wanted so just improvised. We had Two pinks and two blues however one was a slightly different shade. Although one turned out almost purple.

I did take pictures however my phone did not pick up the colours very well and looked a lot different (Evidence Purpose Only)

Overall it looked nice and covered the wall it just turned out more pink and purple than intended.

The next theme suggested by another member was a sunset towards the e//////’nd we ran out of time although we did use some orange, red and blues. Orange and yellows for the sun set and the blue was to show night-time creeping in slowly. Lastly I also set up a few gels myself and am confident I know how to now.

Bent (Notes)


Tuesday 10th January 2017

As usual we had college choir and sang ‘Rainbow Connection’ . We then h’ad self directed study and later on we went to go watch a show at the Bury Theatre Royal. The show as ‘Beauty and The Beast’.

Beauty and The Beast

The show as very good it had lots of interesting lighting. It also even had a few sound effects. They had lots of interesting lights such as a forest gobo and another gobo was a spiderweb gobo. After the show we then looked backstage and at how all the operations of the show go backstage.

I made notes throughout the backstage tour. They use Cue Lab to sort out their lights this was interesting as it was exactly what we use to organise our lights. They have two sound desks one is located in the pit and the other is upstairs on the side of the gods.

Sound Desk

The sound desk is a Yamaha model. With the sound desk they only have 6 microphones on maximum at a time. You can press the next button on the desk and it will cut all the microphones rather than turn them down separately. They also have stage monitors due to being in a difficult place also the majority of the technical team have a stage monitor nearby to monitor the show and of course be correct with the cues.

Sweat Box (Lighting box)

It has two screens and 8 movers. The do not program house lights in case there lighting system fails which is has a few times. The only time they do program house lights is when there is a interval. The had 4 days of tech work to sort out the show. they had 112 lighting changes. This room also of course has a stage monitor as well. It also has a sound booster. they have had 76 shows and still have 11 left. This surprised me as compared the amount of shows we tech it was massive. Although in London  the shows and tech team can last a long time which varies. They did have one issue with the sound desk once where it actually skipped cues luckily they did manage to found their place again due to gaps.


They have no fly towers meaning they had to use rollers. In short rollers and towers are what are used to pull the curtains up and down. They have 3 rollers and can be difficult to use sometimes. Some general tips about the rollers is if the rope is not coiled well it may stop part way. Also another tip was learn how to coil it properly and aim to be able to coil it in the dark since awkward positions and in the darkness can be common in certain theatres backstage.

Quick changes happen in the back stage room. The theatre here also gives special opportunities for example one girl put the show towards her dance exam. Another thing they mentioned is part way through a few shows they actually changed one of their props. In the show ‘Ice Cream’ was squirted onto certain characters however it was actually egg yolk. Although after a while it began to smell slightly and cost a bit of money. They then decided to use shaving foam and water which worked a lot better and was more cost efficient.

Cue Box

if the cue box goes down there is a light on the right hand side of the stage which is used to cue if it goes down.

Set Design

They built the set for three or four days. They started just a week before just fitting the stage.

Amp Ramp

Each wire is a port. Speakers and videos can be played on it. One issue with their particular one is that it is old so some of the connections are a bit rusty.

Lastly they spoke a bit about schools etc. One thing that I noted which I found interesting was they mentioned some places mark production students based more on practical work where other would mark more based on their written work. I would prefer to get more marked on my written work as I personally feel as though my work is better written wise and my analysis skills are a bit better. Although this could just be due to me being fairly new to the course. Another thing they mentioned was it is nice to work in theatre royal due to having a flexible job and not being designated to one thing and on theatre royal.


Wednesday 11th January 2017


Today was mainly study so I focused on collecting more sound effects and getting my daily blogs done.

Bent (Notes)

I also rewrote my sound effects list and reordered it to follow the order in the show. During bent rather than a scene they had a small practise of the cast singing Greta’s Song.


Thursday 12th January 2017

Production Meeting

Today we had another production meeting. As far as my progress I still have my list and have started to collect my sound effects for the show. Me and Tanya also set up a costume rail in E.45 for the dancers. Although a small thing I now know how to easily set one up although it was  not exactly difficult.

Bent (Notes) 

Act: One Scene: Six

Was now blocked and rehearsed.


Friday 13th January 2017

Employability / Warm-up + Auditions

We had a salsa dance warm-up. As well as audition talk although all of them were based in another pathway to me.

Theory Lesson

Today we spoke about bars and counts with music. Also how it is important for us as techs to know bars and counts. A few reasons would be we need to know bars in case people for example would want a light up at certain bar while they sang etc.

We also watched the waltz as this is very notable for its counts in the dance. One we watched and listened to was ‘Dmitri Shistavich – The Second Waltz’ and also listened to March music. We clapped to the beats and bars to learn. Also some small notes on music instructors during songs if 4 beats its a L shape. A triangle for 3 beats. Listened to the Irish Jig ~ ‘The Kesh’.

Some general things our teacher said was 4 beats is a popular beat in bars. It is good to at least know something about bars and beats as we may need them to cue certain things. A whole beat of 4 or 3 is a bar sometimes 2.

If its a fast waltz it is known as the Viennese waltz. ‘David Brubeck – Take 5’ Is one rare exception of a song with beats of 5.


Bent (Notes)

Watched a video called ‘Pink Triangle’. One reason we watched this was it a similar time period to Bent and also has the same Nazi and Homesexual theme. It was also helpful for the Nazis and Homosexuals  as the short film is essentially about Homosexuals and Nazis and interrogation and informative. Here are some of my notes:

Small apartment scene similar to Rudy and Max’s apartment. Documents of paper similar to documents we see for Bent in Uncle Freddy’s scene. Gun’s used guess they are in time. Fake blood used more of a film type so makeup played greatly and retaking shots however we also use fake blood. Although ours is for rudy during the train scene and we will use blood tablets. 1934 – 1936. Coloured triangles on a frame. Man kills a Nazi before he shaves his hair and wears his pink triangle. Much Similar to Max putting on Horst’s jacket with a pink triangle. Lots of double breasted coats and bowler hats used everywhere. For gay club scene was dimly lit much like Greta’s club most probably will too.











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