Week 17 – Production Week

Monday 16th January 2017

Theatre Lesson

Most of this I was a bit of a spare part as everyone split into their designated [art of production they are doing for Bent or Lilies. And of course doing sound there was not much I could do. Although I did watch and asked about one student and what they did with the light. They top rigged although rare it is essentially where the light is above the bar rather than hanging below as normal rigging. I also sat on stage for a bit while they tested lights for Bent train scene.

Bent (Notes)

Act: Two Scene: Four

was blocked I also added a new sound effect to my list from today’s rehearsal.


Tuesday 17th January 2017

We had no college till 3-5pm due to new people auditioning for the course today.

Bent (Notes)

Act: Two Scene: Five

Getting close to finishing all the blocking meaning the sound effects list should be closer to being done. This also means after that and I have got all my sounds and spoke to the director about them i can try and help in other areas slightly.


Wednesday 18th January 2017

Bent (Notes)

As far as sound effects I now have at least 1-2 of every sound effect and am now arranging and have mentioned to the director we can meet when suitable for him. to help refine my sound effects I have and see what I need to research for.

Today the Bent cast ran all of Act: One. I also played Greta’s Song for the preshow as I am sound tech so may as well start to at least play the song as we have it.


Thursday 19th January 2017

Live Sound

Today we actually had a live band for the first time. It was a lot more interesting and we did have some subtle problems when setting up today as one of the sound channels kept sending to the wrong one eventually it was sorted out though. The teacher just took out I think it was the piano compressor wire and it sorted it out as it kept picking up on another channel then changing back somehow.

Today we had front of house, 1 Monitor and used the light box in todays lesson. I got to try a little bit of work on the monitor and front of house and rotated in small groups to try out each one. However I did not get to use the lighting box due to time and size of my group. Although I got to try things I did not know a huge amount of what each button did so I just made sure there was no feedback when using the monitor and front of house desk. Today was not too helpful although I got a bit of experience using the desk although I dared to play with things too much in case I messed anything up.

I also helped with the set up and packing up. Although during the set up I only done a few things as I did not know much about which wire goes where and what for. Although I packed a few things and coiled some wires. I see it as each time In pack away and see the set up hopefully the more I take in for next time and will learn how to set it up.

Work In Progress

*Video to be posted and feedback video to be posted*

Bent (Notes)

Final bit of blocking and rehearsals have been done today. Meaning now it is just cleaning for the actors and the production team (Me included)  should have a near completed list of what we need and will hopefully start adding some things to the rehearsals as soon as possible.


Friday 20th January 2017

Employability/ Warm-up + Auditions

In employability we spoke about taxes for things in life. We also had a warm-up where was had stretches and then a Bollywood style dance. Also some acting auditions was presented today and feedback was given to them.


Todays focus was plays and a few styles of them. The script we looked at was ‘Talking To Terrorists Act: Two’.


This was a interesting piece to read. It is essentially a bombing that happened in a flat and a interview with one of the victims. One special things about this is that it is a Verbatim Theatre style script. Verbatim meaning it is a documentary that is word by word of what happened in real life. You also can have Documentary Theatre however it may be a real story these can have added words and be changed slightly by the writers. One other contrasting style of writing is Fiction meaning it is a completely made up story.

We also spoke and listened to ‘London Road Musical’ The reason for this is its a rare genre of a musical being a Verbatim theatre style musical. Each lyric is really what they said adapted into a musical. In short what happened is there was murders around the area so the community stuck together after the ordeal and are basically saying we are still a community. And also the impact it had on the community.

I also listened to a few songs:

‘Shaving Scratch’

‘London Road In Bloom’

‘Everyone Is Very, Very Nervous’

‘It Could Be Him’

london road.png

And lastly we watched the trailer for the musical. Today was very helpful as it opened our eyes to another theatre. The teacher also said this is partly why Lilies is more natural due to some monologues being a documentary style of theatre.

Bent (Notes)

Today the Bent cast focused on running all of act two. And started to come off book with certain scenes.







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