Week 18 – Production Week

Monday 23rd January 2017

Today we had a production meeting. We also got on individually to prepare for the show. I downloaded a few more gun shots, Greta’s song and another cold wind sound effect. I also renamed and arranged my sound effects to make it easier when asking the director which sound effects he likes. I have also edited my sound effects list and added the current number of each sound effect I have.

Bent (Notes)

Today in Bent the drill sergeant came in. He focused on the actors and compared a lot of the things in the play to real life. Such as killing Horst with a knife he said they w3ould have just shot him. Also that a officer would never kill them and leave it to lower ranks. He also spoke briefly about how ranks work. Very actor focused a lot of it was comparison. Although it meant that when they played with it a few differences were made. Chances are they will show the director and he will decide whether he likes it or not.


Tuesday 24th January 2017

College Choir

Today we sang through ‘Rainbow Connection’. and also got given a new piece being ‘Joyful, Joyful’. For Rainbow Connection I sing Bass/Baritone but for Joyful, Joyful I am singing Tenor this may be a slight issue if both songs are beside each other in the show which they probably will be. However the logical thing would be for me to stand in the divide of Tenors and Bass so I can easily slot into my part.

Notes On Inspired By Film

Today we got to speak to the Actors about their tech. The majority of the technical preparation is down to the other pathways as a production student we will just be asking and saying what they are able to have and not. As well as us operating the technical side of things on the night of their show as well. Also as far as set unless they need to look in tweed they will sorting out costumes and props. We will also be given the backing tracks. And although the actors do not need microphones the chances are musical theatre students will need the microphones.

Below is some rough notes I wrote on what they asked for:


Production Meeting

Today we also had another production I did not have much to say as I am waiting for the director to come back so I can ask about the current sound effects I have.

Bent (Notes)

Today a sergeant came in and ran through certain things with the Bent cast which was here today. However it was mainly smaller parts such as the Nazi’s. I felt it was useful for the cast although it was interesting to listen to as the sergeant spoke about numerous things that was slightly inaccurate in the play. Although of course it is a play they still listened and tried another version of parts of the script and will show the director when he comes back to see what he approves and dislikes.

Some examples are during the Act:1 Scene:1 Horst gets shot then killed with a knife. The sergeant said that they would probably just shoot him and be done with him. The sergeant also spoke about what rank the officers were through out the play as this in reality would affect privileges and how they would react to certain things.


Wednesday 25th January 2017

Inspired By Film Lighting Plan

Today me and the production students looked at a rough scale of the theatre and created a lighting plan for the Inspired By Film project.

Above is the rough stage plan created by a level.2 it also had a few minor errors. And the lighting plan the team made although I mainly watched I drew on a few lights. And also got to use the handy lighting stencil it is essentially to make the plan easier to create and has a symbol for each light.


Thursday 26th January 2017

Inspired By Film


Above is a list we got given of all the pieces in the Inspired By Film Show. I have highlighted all the information on technical notes we have got from what people and piece.

Lighting Set Up

Today we started to set up the lighting plan for this show. However we did not finish we did get some up. We also will focus them and put appropriate gels in the lights later on. *We found out later on today that media we will need the theatre to set up for their project. Meaning their is no benefit rigging the lights for the Inspired By Film project yet.*


Friday 27th January


Today we had a small talk about why we only use pencil when writing on scripts and monologues in short it is because it means if the director adds or changes his mind we can write and rub out errors or changes.

We also looked at a two female monologues. Deb and Bianca. Deb is from a play called ‘Belongings’ by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm. Here are some of my notes and class analysis we had on the monologue:

she says we and they meaning she is referring to more than one person. She also mentions being in the army. One bit suggests she has been there a while ‘In my last tour’. She also swears a few times through out until towards the end she seems tough near the start then towards the end she seems to open and stop swearing and speaks her mind and emotions more.

Bent (Notes)

Today we just looked more into props details and how we can use them to make the actors m ore immersed. Although this is more for the people currently doing props and costumes although it is still nice to write some notes and get a brief view on how the thought process works when thinking about costumes and props.




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