Week 19 – Production Week

Monday 30th January 2017

Inspired By Film (Notes)

Today we got to watch almost all of the show. This let us see what the small scenes etc. will be like and write notes based on what they are doing. It also allowed for use to have a brief talk with some of them although we will still need to have a 1:1 talk to know exactly what they want. Another student also took note of how long each piece was. Although some pieces could not be shown today due to time and some people being absent another student and the teacher is looking into and asking roughly how long the pieces are we haven’t seen yet. Also some pieces are unfinished so this makes the timings a bit rough for now.

Here are my notes form the run:

Although my notes may be slightly illegible I will type out the final decisions for each piece closer to the time. For now I will just post my rough notes for reference to me.

Bent (Notes)

Today our director Gary spoke about hot seating for the actors. And essentially the actors came up with a backstory for their character and people around them would ask questions. I made rough notes on what they said. After Gary spoke about his backstory and how it can create a person and how he thinks it can be important. Lastly he spoke about how a prop can even add to the character and their backstory.

Above I have written from today.


Tuesday 31st January 2017

Inspired By Film (Notes)

Today we got to ask and see what the year 1 dancers wanted in their performance. As usual I wrote notes.


Slowly working our way through technical notes from the students. I have also updated and highlighted more of the list of pieces.

Set For Media Project

Today it was simply clearing the theatre and programming the lights for the media project. The only notable things I learnt from today was I was shown and also set up flats as they needed them for one of the media projects. This also included taking the old stuff off the flats so that it was clean. And also of course putting feet on the flats as well.


Bent (Notes)

Today we looked more into list of props and costumes. Not many notes were written as it is still hard to get in this mind-set however I did write some ideas down for some characters.



Wednesday 1st February 2017

Bent (Sound effects)

Today I had a meeting with Gary. I had roughly 2-3 of each sound needed for the show currently, I named the groups with numbers so that he could pick his favourite sound effects out of the 2-3. I then moved all the sound effects he had chosen into a separate folder so I then know which ones will be used currently for the show.

One sound effects in particular I need to edit soon. The train whistle and train tracks as both these are actually in the same mp3 track and the timing of the train whistle needs adjusting. The other would be the alarm bell in the Dachau camp. The frequency of this bell may need to be heightened. Although it may just need volume ?

Below Is All The Sound Effects I Gathered ~~



And In Another Folder Is The Chosen Sound Effects For The Show (Currently)


Obviously I separated the sound effects so that it will be easier to move into Que lab and iTunes to play later. I also kept the old sound effects in case there is a change of mind.


Thursday 2nd February 2017

Today we took down the media set up. and cleared the theatre again.

Production Meeting

Our main topic for todays meeting was pricing and how much has been spent so far/ is planned to be brought soon.

£15,000 Max Budget For Bent

£221.77 Spent So far ~

£157.68 For Pyros (May be less due to discounts?)

Another brief talk was about the knife and blood prop. As a prop knife that squirts fake blood can be pricey so the production team who is in charge of props will hopefully be making a blood pack similar to a show that was a while back (Dracula).

Bent (Notes)

I was not in rehearsal as I was not needed due to working on sound effects and putting them into iTunes for later. also as they were not doing a full run today. i found out that today there focus was the nazi’s and their scenes.


Friday 3rd February 2017

Preparing For Inspired By Film Show

Today we prepped the show for Inspired by film we started to rig some lights as well as focus them .

I also found out for this show I will be the Lighting Operator.

Bent (Notes)

While everyone else continued to prepare for the inspired by film show I was required for Bent. The main reason I was needed was to set up the small sound system needed and do a small sound effect run while Bent went through the show. There was also a trailer for Bent played that a media student created for the cast.


Above is the small sound system I got help to set up. And the mac from which I used to play iTunes from.

There was a few minor issues such as getting the right volume and the train whistle and track having a weird timing due to edits being needed. However most of this will be sorted close to the time. It was also played through smaller speaker and not in the theatre so this may affect the quality as it is etc.


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