Week 20 – Production Week

Monday 6th February 2017

Prepping For Inspired By Film

First I put up the Black Tabs One each side. After I was doing desk work with Alex through out the day and over watched as he programmed the lighting for the show. Although I did give him numbers of lights which he required from the lighting plan he drew up. I also then got shown and also saved the programmed lights we have currently done. We will edit the rest and add more tomorrow.


Tuesday 7th February 2017

Prepping For Inspired By Film

Saw how to change electrics on sound a light system. Two switches and red turner.

Also saw how to change fades on the lanterns from the lighting desk.

We also had to have a brief talk about the headphones for the night typically we have cans which we all have one and get Que’s and send out for help if needed. However we are strangely missing a vital piece for the cans so instead we will have a few headphones and microphones out.

Two people will be in LX – Lighting Operator (Me) and Stage  Manager (Has Headphones).

Two people will be in the theatre on the sound system – Sound Operator (Has headphones) and Sound Mixer + Handheld Microphones

One final Person will be backstage – Assistant Stage Manager

Of course typically people will be a different place from where they will be on typical show nights however for the current upcoming show things will work differently until the cans are sorted out.

Lastly we started a tech run through at 11:30am today as people will be in their English lesson earlier. Meaning this run was more aimed at the technical side meaning its our pace as us the production team will be editing a lot as we go and asking questions to clarify on particular things. This was the first run through we have had with all the pieces and some pieces ended up getting cut due to certain reasons from the cast. we also ended up editing a fair bit as we went along, such as faces not being lit and the main issue which me and Alex forgot was the front lighting was rarely on any of the sequences. Some also got changed as it was the first time we had seen them so some of the colours etc got changed to compliment the piece better.


Wednesday 8th February 2017

Prepping For Inspired By Film

Today we had a dress and tech run at 11:30am as people will be in their Maths lessons earlier. (The Maths lesson included me). We also finally got to see all the pieces as some we could not see yesterday.

Inspired by Film (Show Night Notes)

The show night went very well with only a few minor communication issues due to me being next to Zoe and her not being to hear me and vice a versa. Occasionally she would ready her hand to to Que then flick it away as the que was not there I accidentally Que’d on this by accident. Luckily the minor mistakes we made was so minor it was not noticeable by the audience. Also another reason was she could not talk to me through a mic like the stage manager normally would. and lastly it was slightly dark and had to observe the stage from the place we were. Regardless minor mistakes and was a good first night. There was another minor issue where the lighting desk was a bit sensitive and went off twice. As far as how the show went performance wise everything went as planned from what we know. Apart from a the boxing fight dance where there was a new bit added on the end and they forgot to notify us. However we was lucky and the lighting Que went perfect for it by pure luck.


Thursday 9th February 2017

Pyros Workshop

Today we got given a long sheet all about the different types of pyros ho to set them up and also the health and safety precautions in with the pyros in the UK.

Before the pyros got taken out and some got shown to us we did have to have s talk through all of the health and safety otherwise we were not able to do the workshop.

We also got shown various types of pyros one including what we will be using for the fence scene in Bent. Which will be the ‘Mine’ pyro.

Lastly we got into groups and set up our own pyros and asked for the teacher to set the order for they go off for us. Although occasionally we got a faulty pyro and they would not go off or just be a very lack lustre pyro compared to the rest.

Inspired By Film (Show Night Notes)

Again another clean show a few minor issues again not huge enough to spoil the quality of the show in any way luckily. Although I felt his was easier due to it being the second time I have done it now. And of course it was the first time I had properly done anything technically for a show yesterday so I was very nervous and 0n edge.


Friday 10th February 2017

Today we continued to move things in the theatre for a lecture later on. And also continued to clear the theatre up. The majority of the cleaning was done after the show last night. We then had employability which was simply continuing our budgeting task. We also had a brief talk about how the Inspired By Film project went for us.

We also had audition preparation where we spoke about some local theatres, London theatre and theatres plus companies which are nearby.



Theatre Royal (Bury) – Karen Simpson

New Wolsey (Ipswich) -Sarah Holmes + Artistic Director Pete Rowe


Gecko , Eastern Angles – Directed by Ivan Cutting

Red Rose Chain




The Globe – Emma Rice ~ Soon to have a new artistic director

National Theatre – Rufus Norris/ Has three theatres : Olivia, Dorphman and a Temporary Theatre (Was Shed)

Phoenix Theatre

Duchess Theatre

Royal Court – Specialises in new plays + sells plays.


Trafalgar Studios / Is a hall for hire.







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