Week 21 – Production Week

Monday 20th February 2017

Today we was mainly all in tweed doing our own work due to study periods. Although Han came in and we helped check the Bonnie and Clyde scripts for any marks. there weren’t any marks and although they decided not to use the books directly for the actors and photocopy them instead they needed to be checked so we do not get charge for any pervious use of the book.

Prep Charity Gig

Today we started by talking about the notes we already have from a few weeks back and what the charity gig requires lighting wise. Later on during lunch someone from the charity gig came into the theatre and gave us much more detailed notes on the lighting they have mind for each scene. I also helped to set the black tabs up. Since less people are watching the show we will use less tables and add tabs to make it easier to get people on and off. As well as having to move some things in theatre behind the tabs before 1:30 due the conference happening.

We mainly just changed some gels from the current lights that were up. It worked well with the Inspired by Film project as both are a café theatre meaning they are lighting in the same areas. In the end we did not have any specials put up. We also discussed who wanted what job for this show. I agreed to be the Sound Operator for this show with Jordan. I felt this will be the most useful to get use to the sound system as for my final marked piece i will be working the sound effects for Bent on the same system.


Tuesday – Programming Start

Wednesday – Technical Run

No cans again for this show. Red Special?. Nice as kids is colourful lighting. Radio microphones will be needed. Projections and microphone stands needed. The charity gig are sorting out the raffle prices. Han sorted the order of the charity gig. Bar will be run by students and donation basis. Handheld microphone plan to be created. Super Trooper and Cootie both need 3 microphone stands. Amado will also be in the show.

Bent (Notes)

Bent cast spoke about scenes that need work. They also got one of the production team to record some of their work which later got posted to the Bent Facebook group. There was also a poster for Bent created. The sound system was not needed today as it is not a full run. there was a brief talk about character development again. The director also asked if some props can start to be brought into the rehearsals to get the actors use to them. and the cast got three questions about their character they needed to answer.


Tuesday 21st February 2017

Prep Charity Gig

Today we started to program. As well as get the sound system downstairs. We also moved all the tracks to QueLab. Luckily for this show a student had already converted the sounds for us. we also managed to finish prepping on time today.


Wednesday 22nd February 2017

Today there was a technical run however I had maths so could not be there for most of it. Although the main focus of today was making sure we have all the required things for the show. And that they are happy with what we are using etc. Although some of the technical run could not be shown due to T.I.E and maths going on today. There was also a bit of clearing up of the theatre to do as the robotic conference went on. We tried our best to clear out what we could or prepare things in the wings hidden away to make the set up for the charity gig easier tomorrow.


Thursday 23rd February 2017

Prep Charity Gig 

Today another a dress run happened for the Charity Gig this was helpful.

Sound Desk Lesson

Today Andy came in and gave us a lesson with the sound desk. The main reason for this was due to our sound desk being quite different from the live sound one.


One minor mic issue is swap between Male and Female – Voice swap mics Alto and Baritone.

8 Handheld mics / 1 mic

3 decibels of boost then change accordingly.

Guys 3000-4000 Hurts

Bass 2000-3000 Hurts

Girls 4000-5000hurts

High Vocalists 1 – 1 1/2 for high vocals.

Guys 100

Girls 150

laptop does not need to eq much unless Bass music.

Leave gate off ~ if it goes too low will cut music

Compressor Ratio 3:1

Start point 4:1  is a good start for vocals.

Unless whispers to screams then ratio 6:1

Atk at 12 milliseconds for all vocals.

If compressor is too low can ruin sound quality.

Have to adjust makeup gain ~ makes up for what is cut.

Mic has strongest signal so gains will be low

Try to keep lights on desk below amber.

Andy then made two examples of mic setups.

Mic 1

Jack – Barritone

High Pass 100 Hurts

Gain Unknown Till Here

Compressor 4:1 Ratio

High Mid ~ 3.5

Frequency – 0

Notes ~ Keep in mind if performer are near each other. with the eq its best to remove what you don’t need first. Phantom not needed for radio mics. One main tip was never be happy always try to get the best sound quality.

Mic 5

Lauren – High Soprano Alto?

Gain – 3

-12 on Threshold

Names of people on each mic have also been created and a sticker is below each one which also means that the Mic plan has been created and sorted out now.

Charity Gig – Show Night

Today was the charity gig night. I was sound op and felt it went very smooth no issues happened on my end of the show and it went smoothly. I felt this was experience I needed as I will be doing projections and sound for Bent very soon and gives me a little bit of knowledge which is helpful.

Above is the two macs I used to control the projections and sound effects used in the Charity Gig. The same thing will be used when  I tech Bent where I have two macs next to each other. The only difference is with this show I needed to move the sound cable from one mac to the other. The only obvious issue is keeping the two charged and with the Charity Gig I was seated in the theatre rather than the LX box so one was next to me and the other behind me. Although this was only due to headphones and microphones being a issue. It will be sorted by Bent and Lillies however. Overall though no issues happened and it was a good experience to prepare and get more technical knowledge on how teching for shows work.


Friday 24th February 2017

Today Zoe and Alex was rigging the lighting for Bent and Lillies. I helped clear the theatre So today I just focused on my sound effects and preparing them for a mini sound run tomorrow with me and the Bent cast. I have several screenshots of me editing and the programs I used to edit the sound effects I have.

I also got sent a email from Gary (Director) it contained loads of videos which he wanted me to edit together to create a open video and a 2nd video which was a Hitler speech to begin the show. He specified which ones he wanted just the audios of and the ones he wants the clips of. I had to edit them by converting them from YouTube to mp3 just for the tracks and mp4 if I need the video or track and video. It took me a while but I used IMovie to create the videos and Garage band to get the audio then used IMovie to put them both together. The open video did have 30 seconds on the end where it was only audio although I did let Gary know about this and he seemed to be ok with this. And the second video was a lot easier as it didn’t need anything needed it just needed to be downloaded as a mp4 and then later on get cut down to size.

Email Above is the email I got sent to me to edit and create the open video and Hitler video. All the links were YouTube videos so this made it a lot easier.

email mp3 and mp4I started by getting all the YouTube videos and converted the them into mp3 (If only needed for tracks) or mp4 (If needed for video clips or both tracks and clips) depending on what Gary specified in the email.

mp3 sample.png

I then put all the tracks needed into one mp3 then after I went into IMovie and added all the clips once I got rid of the videos original audio.

mp4 to mp3open video editing

Above is the software I used. Which are garage band to get the tracks cut and edited etc. and the main software I used to create the videos was IMovie I simply got the clips and tracks and dragged them how and where I wanted them in the video. The Hitler video was a fair bit easier as it could simply stay as a mp4 and I just used IMovie to cut it down to size.

The open video was just over 17 minutes long so Gary asked if I could play it 15 minutes when we open house to set the atmosphere of Bent and Berlin. I would then fade it out. Gary would then give  a nod and I would play the Hitler speech and the show would begin.


Saturday 25th February 2017

Today I was with Bent and played the sound effects along with the scenes. Essentially a mini sound run so I can get a better idea of times and any new blocking as it has been a while since I have been in rehearsal. It also let me get a better idea of where I need to cut the sound effects as well as sounds that still need editing. The only downfall was I had a mini sound system and it will not be the one I will be using on show night. It also meant that I could not get a clear idea of how loud I will need to sit the sounds for the show as its completely different. I need to control the speaker on a eq with the speakers on top so it sounded very loud as of course I was right next to it.

We was also not in theatre and was in the T:007 (Shed) so it enhanced the volume a lot with echoes. Because of this I kept all the volumes the same and just played it to give the actors some cue’s and so I could get a idea of times. The only track which needed to be louder was Ah Berlin as it is a singing track.

Saturday dress ruhn

Above is a picture of the temporary sound system I used for todays run. And also the mac I used with all my sound effects on.


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