Week 22 – Production Week

Monday 27th February 2017

This week is also pre production week of Bent and Lillies so this weeks focus will be making sure all the props are created and ready and lights and sounds are prepared. The lighting crew also started to program.

Today me and James started to paint the electrical fence for Bent.  We had this grey gritty paint which gave the illusion of concrete or metal. We spent most of the day painting these posts for the fence. The grey paint was originally meant for dance floors so the grit could give the dancers grit however it worked very good for what we needed. Below is some pictures of the effect it gave the fence. Although this was only the base coat so someone will need to add detail to the fence.

Also for a side note today was the day when the cast got all their haircuts for the show. Also I had a short meeting with Gary to ask where he wanted the Hitler video to be cut at. He gave me the time and I cut this to the time we needed. It lasted 30 seconds.


Tuesday 28th February 2017

Today the others continued to create the fence and the lighting crew continued to program. Later on the fence was moved into place and I helped put the wire in the fence. Someone had also painted on the last coats so the fence was a lot more metal looking rather than having a concrete effect. I mainly just held the metal wire and made sure to have to keep it stretched to give tension to the wire. The main reason it needed tension was so it wouldn’t fall overnight. We also added tension by adding stage weights to bottoms of the fence and wrapping the wire next to it.

I was mainly helping Tanya slightly as I had got a more finished or rather edited state. So I helped her to which programs and how to them form the macs. Although occasionally I called Jordan or Doug to help and show us what to do. Although I have a fair bit of I.C.T experience due to upper school it was fairly new programs etc to me as well as i have not had a huge amount of experience with any of these programs and macs in general. When I wasn’t helping I was a spare hand in help preparing the theatre and getting things.


Wednesday 1st March 2017 

I also had maths this morning so the theatre was being prepared during this time.

Me and Tanya put up the black. We also added the barbed wire to the fence we discussed the best way and most look effective way to put on the barbed wire. We was planning to have it at the top and bottom although later decided due to health and safety and people catching on the barbed wire it was best to only have the barbed wire on the top of the fence. The way we put the barbed wire on was we put normal wire on the top of the fence and essentially wrapped the barbed wire around it to hold its shape. After this it was finally finished and personally it looked great. Although where it is place which is behind the black tabs centred. it may cause a few issues getting things back stage. Lastly me and Jordan drilled hooks onto the flats in case we need to use them for the projections. Although we decided we would see how they look on the black tabs as it may create a nice effect.


Thursday 2nd March 2017

Today was photos of the cast so it was just help setting the scenes and props. Later on me and Richard went to go get cigarettes for the play and some of the other crew went to go pick up the park bench. Although i did start to put up the Nazi flags up on the lighting bar as they sit in front of the tabs rolled up then when the nazi scenes begin they unfold.


Friday 3rd March 2017

Bent Tech Run

Today we had a tech run. i made some notes on what still needs to be done as some sound effects still need editing. The notes i have are:

Half Dog Bark – This was only a suggestion that popped in my head as it goes off when Max and Rudy sing together and it barks stops then has a second bark. I felt it was a bit of a weird timing and may edit it down. it is also meant to only just be heard by the audience.

Reloop Park sound – needs to be relooped. We looped the sound effect to last longer however there was silence in the track and it could be heard as we accidentally looped it after the silence knowing it was there. This is quite a priority as it was quite noticeable when it stopped then the loop continued. 2:00 is roughly where the park sound keeps cutting.

Train Whistle – I need to use the train whistle and train track so they lead together for the start. then make one track with just the train whistle. Luckily this is something I already done I just separated it when I put them on CueLab as I thought it would make it easier to Que. Although it made a extra cue that was not needed easily changed though.

Wind – Simply needs to loop a lot longer we need to replay track which just adds extra work so we will reloop to make it easier. 7:30 roughly sounds like sound dims slightly ?

Above is a picture of the dress run and me on the left with the macs for the dress run i only ran with sound effects. For the dress I was downstairs as it is easier to programme for down here and easier to hear each other.

Today we also worked to get the Nazi flags up. And for them we will use a open stage knot. I had the task of looking online and learning to create a open stage knot. This surprisingly was easy to do. I learnt how to do it and also measured how much material we need as its needs to be long enough to have the open knot and be long enough to be pulled down.

We had a slight issue today as we needed to get the pull up ladder in through the back. We had a slight issue as it was so close to the theatre however after a bit of lifting and angling and we eventually got it into the theatre. We needed it here to put up the caps for pyros. Another crew member also sprayed all the electrical fence with fire proof spray.

We also had the projections projected onto the tabs today as it gave a nice effect although at the end Gary said although nice he would prefer it to be projected onto flats instead as it more clear.


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