Week 23 – Production Week

Monday 6th March 2017

Prep For Bent – First Show Night

Today Jordan took the sound effects home and edited all the ones I notes down on Friday the main reason for this was his software on his mac at home was different and some of the sound effects needed to be edited over a certain time and garage band only allowed me to loop for 15 minute tracks. He also changed some aspects of the sounds such as reverb etc. As this was hard to do on the software I had.

Today we also put the flats up to be projected on this meant that I needed to refocus the projection as it was smaller so I had to edit the slide slow Gary sent me along with the Open video. Jordan edited one and then I edited all the rest. I simply changed the background to black so the overspill didn’t go over and resized everything. We also changed the red writing as for some reason it didn’t show up.

Dress Run

Today was also a dress. So all the timing and sound got set to the way they wanted it from yesterday. However, we moved the desk and something was missing so it messed with all the sound and their volumes.  Although we managed to sort it after the dress run and just explained what the issue was. Jordan said it was to do with the compressor.

There was two sound effects we had a small issue with but me and Jordan sorted it quite simply. One was the wind sound effect was still not long enough so we went into the sound wave setting and just needed to set it back when needed. The other was the Bell’s used in the Dachau Camp scenes Jordan asked if I could use the same one as for some reason the other was at a slightly different volume.

I also got to use the sound desk slightly all I have mainly been doing is Cueing the sounds and projections. Jordan went down stairs to check all the sound levels as we had sorted out the compressor problem and wanted to make sure they sounded alright. So he got me to select the sound on the desk which automatically changes the levels and he had a tablet downstairs which he could use to tweak the sounds from the theatre. I also got to update the changes from the sound desk. Only a little bit of experience but I see it as I now know a small bit about the sound desks I didn’t know before.

Lastly just before the show we had to print off some programs for the show which Leah created and I just needed to fold them and count them ready for tonight with a few other crew members.

Above is a picture of the Programme’s me and some of the crew needed to fold in preparation for tonight and also the 2nd picture is what my role was in the show. We also had extra printed in preparation for programmes needed for Lillies tomorrow as when you reverse the programme it is the Lillies programme on the other side.

Bent First Show Night

Finally, we had the first show night it went very well no issues with the sound. The only minor issue was some lines of the show was muddled.


Tuesday 7th March 2017 

Clearing The Theatre

Today we were just clearing the theatre of Bent props etc. and I helped bring in some of the Lillies props and steel deck. Then the rest of today was getting through WordPress and doing tasks as we have not had much time to actually do much written work as so much has been happening.


Wednesday 8th March 2017

Clearing The Theatre + Prep For Bent

Today we started by clearing the theatre of the Lillies props etc. I also helped to move the steel deck and also put the projection screens up as well as a general floor clean since hay was over the floor and needed to be swept so We can continue to prepare the Bent props etc.

Also as usual we checked all everything was working from the night before and our sound effects and etc. was all loaded up and working for tonight.

Just before the show we ended up folding more programmes for the show although we had planned to fold enough for the rest of the nights however we had a problem with the printer as it ran out of ink. Luckily we had enough for tonights show and a couple for Thursdays shows.


Bent Second Show Night

Second night of Bent. I felt this was easier to Cue since we all knew how to run things. Although we did have one slight problem with the sound effect from Wind into the Bell we have to quickly fade the wind escape and then quickly turn the volumes back up for the alarm in the scene. It was a bit of a quick Cue and we had a tiny bit of loud wind as it was still escaping and then the loud bell as planned. Also although projections was not a massive issue I got cued for them and as they had a three second fade this mean’t that it was a tiny bit slow. There was also once where I cued myself as the projections come down each time the lights on the stage go up and James forgot to Cue the projection.

Lastly there was a small part where the line was changed but luckily the actors managed to improvise the line slightly to what it should have been and it was ok.


Thursday 9th March 2017

Clearing The Theatre

Today we worked on wordpress up until after lunch and then we moved all the Bent props etc. to the Lillies things.

Bonnie and Clyde – Read Through

Today all the crew had a read through the Bonnie and Clyde script. This was helpful as I personally only know the story of the show briefly as two criminals on the run. But this helped with my understanding for the show. It was also very helpful as we noted and spoke briefly about things we need to bear in mind for the show. For example the car and also spoke a small bit about how difficult the casting and setting the scene can be. One reason it may be difficult is lots of times the scenes overlap and change into different places and time periods. Although we did say about how with the cast and all the crew the moving of the scenes props etc. should not be too difficult. We also listened to a few of the songs to get a idea of the songs and mood of certain parts of the script.

Some things that surprised me technically was the projections as they are used several times. Sound effects are also very common in the show as well as scene changes meaning lots of prop moving. And lastly the design of the stage as the car plays a big part in the show and of course we are challenged to create a car which suits the show works well and of course suits of space we have.  I feel this show regardless what I do will be the biggest challenge technical theatre wise as no matter the job there will be lots to do and changes involved.


Friday 10th March 2017

Clearing The Theatre

As normal we moved the steel deck and all the other props etc. from Lilies and moved all the Bent set into place prepared for tonight.

Theory – Bonnie and Clyde

Today we spoke about the challenges and thoughts we should be having for Bonnie and Clyde. We started by drawing up a spider diagram as a class and wrote some thoughts onto it.

On the spider diagram we had: Location, Era, Story + Themes, Style, Resources and Budget.

These topics we need to always keep in mind with everything we do for this play. Also below is a sketch of the car in Bonnie and Clyde (Further below is a actual picture) I decided to draw it out as simple as I could while trying to keep all the distinguishing features needed to make this car. Although I may not design the car it is still  an nice thought to have and started to give me a slight idea of what the car would need to look and what features it would need if I did create it. The main features would be the squared roof, large front grill, two circular headlights, Big mud guards on the sides and large tires.

We also researched slightly into the show such as random facts based on Bonnie and Clyde in real life and also the places they are set in. I also made a note of who wrote the music, lyrics and book for the show.

We also spoke about what makes the show interesting and what the message of the show is. The main points what makes the show interesting is that Bonnie and Clyde was the first real on criminals on the run in a car. Also it made a good story as lots of the show revolves around the car and in the end they died in it. Lastly the other interesting point of this show would be that the story actually follows the villains Bonnie and Clyde. The teacher said about how it could be that if you do what they did it will never end well for you the reason she said this was at the start you see the two dead in the car then it reverts back to other scenes leading up to that time. My personal opinion would be that both sides of a story can have a different outlook depending on who and what you think when you see the story. For example if we see it on a civilian level they saw them as either breath taking and interesting or hated them and saw them as ruffians. Although from Bonnie and Clyde’s story it seemed as though they liked to fight the law for excitement also they probably struggled like most people in West Texas at the time since it was in the depression era.

Above is my notes from todays lesson.

Above is some images of places in the show and also the real Bonnie and Clyde.

From the images it helped me get a better idea of what the place looks like in real life. For example all the houses look slightly rustic and rugged. Although most of the places around West Texas had lots of mud paths looking at the bottom left picture it looks more advanced then the other pictures since it has roads and more secure buildings.

We spoke about ideas in pairs on how we could create the car considering it is very iconic and needs to be clever in its design to suit our theatre as well as being able to keep at a good budget. I spoke slightly more about the actual detail of the car as in the end it is shown with bullet holes and blood. Although me and Richard spoke about the obvious idea of just using the front of the car rather than a full scaled one. Quite similar to the picture above on the bottom right. Although we would darken the back. I spoke about burning the bullet holes into the car. And also I said that if we decided to use fake blood on the side of the car it may be difficult as if its made of wood with metallic paint it may just soak it up. We also said that due to weight and etc. chances are it would be a mixture of materials to create  the car for the scene. Also cracked glass could be in the details of the car possibly sugar glass? There was other ideas suggested by the group too one was the car is actually made in a fold up design meaning it would be easier to set. Another idea was to create the car in several parts. And another was to create it so the parts of the car can part together with Velcro or another things to hold them together and be able to take it apart easier.

Bonnie and Clyde

Today the rest of the crew printed off the scripts for the soon to be cast and we will print the scripts for the crew later on.

Bent Third Show Night

Today was the final show night we had a slight issue as one of the crew members had twisted their foot and they was the lighting operator for the show. Luckily someone else was able to fill in their position.

There was a slight issue with todays run through a communication error. James was speaking through about things and he said ‘que and go’ as I was on standby I instantly pressed the sound effect as I thought it was a quick recover for a cue. Luckily there was not much to go until the sound have been cue’d in the show. It was the loud bell in Dachau nothing too major was skipped but was well covered by the actors. I was a little bit let down with myself about this error although I will make sure not to make the same mistake. The actors noticed the error although they was not too thrown and managed to work with the error well. Apart from this slight error there was no issues with the final  show night.


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