Week 24 – Production Week

Monday 13th March 2017

Cleaning the Theatre + Tweed

Today we focused on getting all the costumes and props from Lillies and Bent away out of the theatre. We also took this time to organise Tweed (where techies work / create props etc.) Later I was still sorting out Tweed with some of the crew.

Meanwhile some of the crew was working on lighting plan and started to rig the lights for a music tech show on Thursday. However techies will not be teching for this just creating the lighting plan and rigging them.

Bonnie and Clyde

Today we watched Bonnie and Clyde auditions. Todays focus was just on the scripts scenes and they also had a group singing audition. With boys on one side and girls the other. A few people got their duet singing auditions done today however the rest will show their piece tomorrow.

Also as a quick note the director spoke about how the scenes are full of grit and dirt on their shoes etc. James brung in some dust which makes the appearance of dirt etc without damaging things. I presume this was to prepare for Bonnie and Clyde and what we will need for the show.


Tuesday 14th March 2017

College Choir

Today we started singing in the choir we continued the song ‘Joyful, Joyful’ and then started a new song today which was ‘All For The Best’.

Rigging for Music Tech Show

We have just found out that the show is next week so we do not have to get the rigging done this early. However the rest of the crew have created the plan already and almost finished the rigging. We also managed to clear Tweed yesterday quite a lot so we have more space and could reorganise things as well as put Bent and Lilies props and etc. away in Tweed.

Bonnie and Clyde

Today the crew got their jobs for the production I am the Deputy Stage Manager along with Alex. Me and Alex will alternate the show nights. Cast will be around 30 but maybe aim for 15 depending on auditions.After tonight will be the first cut for Bonnie and Clyde. The auditions today focused on singing. The way the auditions worked there was a song between a group of 3 and they would sing their lines two girls and one boy. They would then rotate to the back of the lines and the song would loop and the next group to sing. This was a very effective way to do the auditions it mean’t that it was fair and the overall time spent on the auditions was quicker. After this the director then worked with a new audition scene for people to work on. Where the musical director took several people out for voice scale checks.

We also spent some of today finishing tidying Tweed to make it more organised. We also had a discussion as a crew and spoke about possible casting and where they could fit in. This was solely our opinions one reason we had this talk is our teacher Han said although we are on the technical side occasionally a director will ask for others opinions on the cast and its just overall good to have a knowledge on how the directors mindset works and have a opinion on the casting. We spoke about several factors to think about: Appearance, Voice scale (Important for musicals) We said about how if we put a good singer on a smaller part it can waste their voice greatly. We also took each part and said about the range needed for them. And another thing was we spoke about who we personally felt done a great audition or surprised us. Later today the cast was revealed early meaning that tomorrow was focused on putting the cast into their parts for the show.



Wednesday 15th March 2017

Bonnie and Clyde

With the cast chosen todays focus was now to put the cast into parts. they then split into groups of four to work on a scene the director had posted. The scene involved: Blanche, Buck, Bonnie and Clyde. I also notes where the audition scene started and ended in my script as I have now have a bit more knowledge on this particular scene. As far as casting for Young Bonnie and Young Clyde may be a actual kid from separate auditions but is unsure at the moment. The director also spoke about the singing for ‘Made in America’ he may do it as females singing with backing and main vocals and a male part where the male just acts the scene out. This is mainly due to the Preacher being hard to cast from the cast he has available as well as vocal ranges.

Also all the crew now have their scripts and folders. Some random notes the director said to us is that the stage may be split into five levels. He also said he is getting in contact with the mechanics course to see about the car used in Bonnie and Clyde. The director also spoke about using a particular pyro which can strap onto the actors and use it for the final scene possibly. The show could possibly be two or three nights.

Props On Loan

Today some music tech student came in asking for some props so I wrote the props they needed to borrow on the whiteboard for reference for them and all the crew. They should pick them up Wednesday and return them the day after.


Thursday 16th March 2017

Costumes On Loan

Today some more music tech student came in and we loaned out some army/military jackets/tops they have borrowed them today and will be returning them tomorrow. Again I have written what they have borrowed on the white board in Tweed for reference again.

Bonnie and Clyde

I have now put all my sheets of my script in plastic wallets and plan to have separate plain pieces of A4 paper between each sheet to write notes onto.

Today singing auditions happened with the cast each cast member would be taken out in small groups and asked to sing one of the songs they got given. Meanwhile the rest of the cast worked on another acting audition. two of the songs were ‘Made In America’ and ‘Buck Your Going Back To Jail’.


Friday 17th March 2017


Today we started with a small physical warmup. Then all year twos and production theatre students helped the year one actors. We needed to help them as if they was being auditioned and got them to say their piece and who they are in a clean and professional way for auditions.

Set Up For Improv Show

Today all year one’s were sent to set up Edmundo for a improv show. We simply needed the two LED standing lights and tape. We had to get the LED standing lights which I took apart and carried over to Edmundo from Bistro. I then got to put the LED stands back up. As well as sort out the wires by coiling them and taping them down. First it was simple train tracks to secure it with the black tape. Then the white tape going all the way across the wire. I also looked at how to control the LED lights stands however I am still unsure slightly I know roughly how to use them now. After this it was simply focusing the lights more onto the stage and moving the chairs into place. No one was needed to tech for this show as it was not needed.

Bonnie and Clyde

Today the cast showed another acting audition piece. This scene was the salon scene. With Buck, Blanche, Sheriffs and some Salon Ladies. The scene involved seven people.

After the whole cast including the production team got to make their own predictions for the casting of the show based on auditions and capability. Another interesting task was after we got told to create another cast predictions list but this time based on who could get the part if they worked extremely hard and the original cast could not be used. The director also spoke about the typical skill and traits directors look for when casting. For example reliable, on time, pleasant, easy to work with, wow factor and ability are a few things a director will look for.



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