Week 25 – Production Week

Monday 20th March 2017

Set Up For Music Gig

So today the music gig set up continued from where we started last week. Their show will be on Thursday this week. We started by putting some steel deck into place. Me and James needed to find some wood to be used in the music gig. However we needed to cut some pieces down to size and decided to repaint white. Meanwhile the rest of the crew focused on getting the lights rigged.

Bonnie and Clyde

Today we had a whole cast read through. We also got to listen to a few of the songs in the show. We managed to get through the whole script. The way it worked was all the parts which were cast for would stand up and walk into the centre to say their lines. Also some people had a go at singing their songs today.

One small note the director said about the prologue to Bonnie and Clyde he said it was fairly fast paced.


Tuesday 21st March 2017

College Choir

Today we sang ‘All For The Best’. Today we had another teacher as Paul was away. We mainly focused on recapping the song and making sure we remember out parts.

Set Up Music Gig 

Today we put up the flats to be projected on. We also focused on getting the rest of the lights rigged and focused. I started to rig however i got a bit confused as extensions was needed to be used and their was no more sockets left. So I just listened and they ended up connecting the two more Fresnel’s to add front lighting to the two stages. I also helped to hold the flats and get them up.

Bonnie and Clyde

Today we got to speak about the brief and what will be expected/ needed for this brief.

Today in rehearsal the whole cast was needed and practised ‘Gods Arms Are Always Open’. below is a recording of the rehearsal. Also the teachers offered a 30 minute session to learn how to read bars etc. on music sheets. I kind of know how bars work although I can not read notes I do however know roughly when notes go higher or lower.

The director said that although he has his own idea for how the levels of the steel deck will be set up although he still would like some of the crew to put forward their ideas on how to set the steel deck. Their needs to be five steel decks three flat and two raised. Possibly one idea he said was the car may be able to go under one of the raised steel decks. Also one of the raised steel decks will need to have the band on it.

The director also said about the plan for the week which is the full cast on Monday, Tuesday and Friday which leaves Wednesday and Thursday to focus on scene specific characters. Although this plan will slightly change as we get closer to the show.


Wednesday 22nd march 2017

Bonnie and Clyde

Today we read through and started to block:

Act: One Scene: One

Act: One Scene: Two

Act: One Scene: Three (To Finish)

Because we started to block I have made several notes of what the actors do for example exits and entrances into the book. And also made some additional notes in my notebook and my personal script. I have additional notes on random requirements the director has mentioned about other production areas. And ideas that have occurred to me.

I also created some stage plans below and I recreated them from the rough  versions I made in rehearsal then into a tidier version. It shows roughly where entrances/exits are and where things are in a diagram. One reason I decided to create this is it shows a visual way in case I need to remember something. It can also save time rather than look for notes (Although they will be in the book regardless) Another reason was sometimes my hand writing can be hard to read and I figured a stage plan of some scenes would be easier especially if my counterpart Alex Ray needs to be informed of the what is happening in the scenes. It also means that I can make a tidy list of exactly what props are needed in the scenes.

Bonnie x Clyde Diagram act one scene oneBonnie x Clyde Diagram act one scne twoBonnie x Clyde Diagram act one scene three

Lastly we got told by the director a little bit about his idea of how the levels of the stage will work and where. The main note is the raised steel deck for the band which will be at the back of the stage.

Additional Notes:

Several costumes are needed as through out Bonnie and Clyde steal several clothing items.

Act: One Scene: One (Café Scene) – Warming Plate needed and a Fill Magazine (30’S magazine). One general note was as the counter may be used in several scenes the props should be kept at a minimum.

Act: One Scene: Two (Car Road Path Scene) – Cigarettes, Zippo Lighter and car. When Car bonnet is looked at triggers Blackout. (Made a note as this means the bonnet of the car of course would make sense to be able to open.

Act: One Scene: Three (Salon Scene) – Dryer, Bid, Purses and Newspaper.


Thursday 23rd March 2017

Setting Up The Theatre

Today year one’s was needed in the theatre to get the seats up and move some the sound desk back upstairs. We just set some chairs up and cleared up the theatre in general really.

Group Meeting – Bonnie and Clyde

Band on a riser at the back. entrance and exit towards the fire exit side. Forward stage two steel decks one smaller and one larger. One lower and another mid level which has treads into the wings. We need to buy legs rather than hire as can be cheaper. We are able to access loads of wooden pallets which we are able to use from a company for free. Need to get van and load with wood eventually. Steel deck needs to be the right height to able to still have lights focus onto it. Band steel deck is not so bad as they will be seated. Although plans are too be able to have the car fit under the band steel deck. Will have front grill maybe no roof. Possibly mechanics make shell of car and we elaborate the car with details. Also to note this is still in explanation on the levels of the stage and are hoping that we can get some of our ideas and stage designs.

Director spoke of having old posts with old posters on them. As well as having the screen above the band the projector will stay where it is. It will be a small screen and hopefully the projections will have a olde style. Only issue is the screen will be small the director wanted to show projections with place and time. Because the screen is small it may be a waste and not be as aesthetic as hoped for.

I made a small mention on the dryer used in Act: One Scene: Three. As I was wondering if anyone had noted about it and what ideas may be on it. I have not researched it but plan too soon. However having a look at pictures of 1930’s dryers it is quite a simple design. Looks like a metal cap with plastic around it. As far as being attached to the chair the the bar off the chair looks very similar to a mic stand.

Bonnie and Clyde

Todays main aim was to get Act One Scene Five finished and blocked.

Some notes I made on what the director said about scene four was that he mentioned it was a warm Texas night. He also said for this scene he would require us to get small notebook with a holder for the pencil. The main reason for the holder so it wont get lost or fall out during the show etc. He also said about in this time period as a random note would be the time when rather than order one drink you would order a flagon for people. Sound effect of crickets needed. Glamour shot is needed too. Also as scene goes on slowly dim the lights to become more intimate. Also as minor note for the actors he said the reason they are in the forest in this point of the show is because Clyde is on the run.


Friday 24th March 2017

Amado Tapas Set Up

Today in a group we done the usual set up in Edmundo of bringing steel deck down as well as the two standing LED lights.

Bonnie and Clyde

Today I spent a bit of my time to neaten my notes in the main script. as well as move my blocking notes and extra details into my personal script. This was so the main script that is shared between me and Alex (Two DSM) is more tidy.

Today I volunteered for a sound gig for Amado Tapas tonight so for Bonnie and Clyde Alex sat in rehearsals today as the as DSM.

Amado Tapas Show

Lucy mainly operated the sounds by her self as it was quite minimal what was needed. I was mainly a spare hand through the show in case any issues had occurred through the night.




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