Week 26 – Production Week

Monday 27th March 2017

Today I could not come in as I was ill. However I did ask some of the crew if I missed anything major. And Alex sat in rehearsals for Bonnie and Clyde as DSM again since I was not there. From what I know not much happened the blocking continued for Bonnie and Clyde and as far a the production meeting it did not happen today.


Tuesday 28th March 2017

Today was a shorter than normal day starting at 12:00 to have a production meeting the reason it was shortened was due to audition days for new people possibly coming into the courses.

Production Meeting

Bonnie and Clyde

Just before Bonnie and Clyde I quickly went through my cue’s in the book and changed the ‘Light Cue’ to ‘LX Cue’ as I got told by Alex (Other DSM) this is the way you normally write in the Lighting Cue’s.

Today in Bonnie and Clyde the Musical Director (Paul) Came in and worked with the people in the Salon Scene. This was to help teach them all their harmonies as well as other various things and thoughts for them. Then at 4:00pm after 1 Hour of working with them they presented their scene and how they had progressed with their practise with the Musical Director. The Musical Director then had a 1:1 lesson with Bonnie (Beth) for this I was not required so I went to continue my research and written work.


Wednesday 29th March 2017

Set Up For Music Gig

Some of the set up got done while I was in maths this morning. Me and some of the crew got sent to go get some steel deck. Most of the music gig was set up all the wires and steel deck was mostly set up. After the other Steel decks we had brought in had been set up we then went to the LX desk and started to programme the lights. However rather than normal cue’s the lights were set to faders so that the LX operator would be able control the lights based from the mood of the show. We had three people one would programme the lights via the LX desk. The second gave the numbers and suggested. The third was essentially a runner and made sure we didn’t miss any lights out. We rotated several times while programming so today was quite helpful as we got to do a bit of everything when doing the programming.

Bonnie and Clyde

Some suggestions the director suggested was the set could be ‘Junk’ for example a chair knocked on its side in the background could be picked up and used. He also said that one of the black wooden dining chairs we have painted brown could work for Bonnie who is sitting down stage right of Buck and Blanche who are in their apartment.

Today we worked on:

Act: One Scene: Six

Some things that made me curious what we will use it Clyde in the scene comes past the apartment and throws a bottle in Blanche’s apartment. It’s going to be difficult on how this can work as it could smash on stage. It will also need a vintage 1930’s design to it so their is another challenge to this prop. However it could be as simple as making sure the bottle is not thrown to hard and does not shatter. Another small idea is we could use sugar glass although it will shatter as its fragile the only complication to this is it can be expensive and during the scene Blanche picks up the bottle instead she could possibly sweep it up. It also adds to the surprise of the scene slightly.


Thursday 30th March 2017

Bonnie and Clyde (Theatre Lesson)

Today we first decided it would be helpful to get a better visual of the steel deck levels we may use for Bonnie and Clyde. Once we set the steel deck out we then discussed what level each piece will be and how high. We had several moves of the steel deck. For the first one it was a simple rectangle along the centre upstage. The reason why this would not work was due to health and safety although the idea was good and simple we did not think about the treads needed to move on and off the stage. As well as health and safety as there was not much room around the steel deck.

Below is the original plan for the steel deck (Not Designed By Me)Orginal Drawn Plan Steel Deck

Below is two designs the first being the almost rectangle design and the other slightly adapted although was still a work in progress for the most efficient steel deck placement.


Above is roughly what we created with the steel decks we had.

We then had a odd shape design. However the final shape worked well for what was needed and the space we have.

Another Steel Deck Design

Steel Deck DesignAbove is two drawn plans for the steel decks. One for the band placement and other other showing the levels of the steel deck. (Not Designed By Me).

The central area of the steel deck is higher as their is hopes we can use this to get the car underneath. The director and our teacher had spoke to the mechanics they are happy to create the car and spoke about roughly how high and wide the car needs to be ideally. The ideal height was about 4.5Ft.

One minor issue we had is the wings was hard to get to on one side so our teacher suggested moving the black flat slightly and rotate it. We would have moved it however it was the same height as the lighting rig. Also we need at least two tracks so everyone can get off when needed this is especially important due to health and safety.

Also while looking at the steel deck plan I had a simple idea a sort of C shape idea that I will try and attempt to draw up and ask the teacher what the possible issues with my idea may be.

While me and some of the crew was sorting out and thinking about the steel deck some of the other crew members had started and continued the microphone plan. After steel deck design and plan was drawn on the board. Me and some of the crew was given the task to get some wooden pallets. We need them for several things and such as stage in Bonnie and Clyde. We had to ask around a few places with no luck such as mechanics, art, electronics and reception. Luckily we got some luck in the art department as they had some hidden away which we was free to have and use.

Wooden Pallets

Once we had dropped off some wooden pallets in the theatre I joined in with looking at how they created their mic plan and observed as they continued the handheld mic plan.

It was interesting to look at as I have never created a Mic plan. General things to consider with the mic plan and who has a mic is: Lines, mixture of voices. Luckily for Bonnie and Clyde it was more of a simple plan and more logical since their was only two ensembles in the whole show. Also one clever and logical note is it makes it easier to keep up with if we can get the main characters to stay on the same mic throughout.

Also they have labelled mic into voice parts to make the plan easier to read:

Mic 1-3 (Soprano)

Mic 4-6 (Alto + Young Bonnie and Clyde)

Mic 7-9 (Tenor)

Mic 10-12 (Bass)

Also some mics we always keep on the same person are:

Clyde – Mic 7

Bonnie- Mic 1

Buck – Mic 8

Blanche – Mic 2

Below is the electronic version of the mic plan however we did the original on the whiteboard. And another crew member transferred the information to excel.

Mic Plan Screenshot.png

Lastly we got to do the financial checks from last show (Bent and Lilies). We split into boys and girls just like the show to split more evenly with the crew. I mainly observed due to two of the crew taking the maths into their hands. However I did observe and bring up a few minor things. And also to make sure I understand their maths behind the checking. In the end we found a anomaly in both the Lilies and Bent overall money. However after a bit of checking we found in the brochure if you order both nights as the shows was a double bill back to back you got a slight discount. However the theatre royal did not show these on the sheet and we had to get one of the crew to ring and ask about when we can find out the amount of people who used this offer. Something that did surprise me was the amount of places the money from the show actually split into to.

Above is the working out of the tickets.

Overall today was incredibly helpful for me as I have never done the majority of the things we have done today. For example I have never designed a steel deck design and now i know the rough format I now feel I can attempt to create a slight vision of my ‘C shape design’. Also being the first time seeing and observing the ideas behind the mic plan which was new to me and helpful for me to see for future references. For the finance checks I have done a similar thing before for a previous show however the shares was not so complicated and was for one night only. It also showed me that sometimes you just need to check for deals and offers to make sure everything is as it should be.

Bonnie and Clyde

Today we ran through the end of Blanche’s Apartment scene into ‘Gods Arms Are Always Open’. Although we originally had different plans Bonnie was ill today. A few minor things to note is in the scene the only prop needed to be pre set is a metal bucket of water. I also noted some of the major changes in the dance into my personal script as usual. And noted exits and entrances where possible.




Friday 31st March 2017

Today we normally have employability and audition preparation. This was due to the final major project presentations happening. We was not needed as it is the year two’s final project. So I decided to further my knowledge by continuing my research into Bonnie and Clyde Task:1.

Theory Lesson

Today we spoke about why we do the reflective blogs and most importantly how we should do our blogs. The main thing we said was it is ok to write what you did but writing how it was useful to us and also examining that bit further to make out blogs much more interesting.

Bonnie and Clyde

Full Run Up Till Blocking.





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