Week 27 – Production Week

Tuesday 18th April 2017

Setting Up For Fashion Show

Today we started as a group to set up for the fashion show tomorrow night. I mainly was at the LX desk switching lights on and off so they could be focused. I also helped create the T shape cat walk with white tape. Some students are needed to help tech the show tomorrow. I may be free for tomorrow however I am unsure.

Production Team Meeting

Today we had a brief production meeting to know what people have been up to during the holiday and whether any new ideas can be put forward from anyone. My job role did not need me to do much planning or anything during the holiday. The main reason as my main job is to get Cues down in the script. As well as know where people are up to and listen to ideas and put forward any ideas I have.

One small suggestion I made was there was a brief talk about getting cheap tattoos for Clyde. As real life Clyde had tattoos on his arms. I suggested that we may be able to get the hair and beauty department (Which also specialise in makeup) to source the products and we could possibly create the tattoos. Another suggestion was skin safe pens. Or simply buying cheap tattoos online or around the area. We also need to ask the director if this is even wanted tattoos on Clyde. Also we agreed although not bad ideas it is not the most important thing we require for the show.

Stage Set Production Meeting

For this I just observed to see the ideas the team had. I mentioned that I did have several ideas for the details on the car. However I will not know what needs to be done if anything until the car is created or we have a clearly drawn out design.

Bonnie and Clyde

Today in Bonnie and Clyde we finished blocking all of Act One. The scenes we blocked today are:

Act: One Scene: 10 (Courthouse)

Act: One Scene: 12 (Eastern Penitentiary)

Act: One Scene: 11 was worked on during the holidays by the cast.

After blocking the last two scenes we done a Act One run through from Scene 6 till the end of Act One.

Some small technical notes me and the team added was during scene 12 make sure that Clyde is dimly lit. Almost a isolated and cold feeling. Also for Scene 12 Bonnie needs a garter as part of her costume. Also a garter was added to the costume and i done a small amount of research into time period garters and exactly what it is.

Some day this week the director is hoping to meet Young Bonnie and Young Clyde and do a small run through. They auditioned and now have both picked out for the show.


Wednesday 19th April 2017

Setting Up For Fashion Show

Today I was in maths so I missed a lot of the set up today. However I did help test the sound system as well as help with getting and placing the seating. I also offered to help tonight in hopes of being light operator for the show tonight. In a turn of events male models was needed for the fashion show I volunteered as some other techies said they could take my spot with teching the night. It was a unique experience as i got my hair cut in a theme and got a costume given to me  aswell. It was a simple catwalk stroll.

Bonnie and Clyde

Today no one was in Bonnie and Clyde due to setting up for the fashion show. However they just focused on filling in small parts that have not been blocked on worked on yet. And also continued blocking more. This means that the me and the technical team will either need meetings with the director to catch up what he wanted or wait till the scenes are revisited which will be soon as full stumble runs are planned towards the end of this week. Personally for me this does not include me as towards the show date I will be double checking as I have the cues written in I need for the show.



Thursday 20th April 2017

Bonnie and Clyde

The director plans to have the full show blocked by the end of the week. Tickets was on yesterday and quite a few have sold on Saturday and Friday. we now have only 3 weeks left until the show.

We started with small character hot seating where Harry one of the sheriffs sat on the chair and answered any questions as the sheriff.

Act: Two Scene: Six

Pens are needed for Bonnie and Clyde fan to get autograph. The autograph will hopefully be on a bill payment slip. Also during the Scene Bonnie shows her thigh and takes her gun out of her garter so her dress needs to have a split on her right leg.

Act: Two Scene: One

We need a bible for the preacher as a prop. Also need loafs of bread for the bread line. The director recommended using varnish on the bread to prevent it from going mouldy. Also a sign with some sore of religious messages on it.

Bonnie and Clyde Set Design

Today we spent some of today picking out the best size and looking wooden pallets we can use for the proscenium arch. This required a lot of moving and measuring as well as getting pieces that look similar sizes.


Friday 21st April 2017

Bonnie and Clyde Set Design

Today me and the production team spent a bit more time focusing on the set preparing/creation. I helped by sanding off the paint on some of the wooden pallets. I also helped sand the chairs so they are smooth to repaint and use for Bonnie and and Clyde. And lastly I stained some of the wooden pallets this was to cover up the paint marks as well as add a more old look to the wooden pallets. Also I accidentally spilt a little bit of the wood stain however i tried my best to use it before it dried and luckily we had enough in the end.

Bonnie and Clyde

Today we had Young Bonnie and Young Clyde join us in rehearsal. Today the cast had a stumble run from start to finish minus Young Clyde and Young Bonnie’s scenes. Sadly we ran out of time we managed to make it up too Act: Two Scene: Seven.

Also I noticed today although I knew we have a band I also wrote in the band cues for the songs as well as sound effects. Later on I erased them out of the shared script but kept them in my personal script. I figured it was a waste to get rid of the notes and having two people with similar notes and cues in case for example the sound technician is ill etc. may be helpful.





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