Week 28 – Production Week

Monday 24th April 2017

Production Meeting

Not recorded. This was simply so the out teacher could give us a run through of what is going to be happening and what shows we will need prepare for and prioritise for first. Out teacher also created a essential tick list of what we still need to get for each show and what will be required.

Art and Life Meeting

This is the next show which we will be preparing for. We mainly spoke about what tech is needed for the show. The running order got sent to our teacher who will post it later on.

Premise of the show is to essentially run the show like a art gallery and the audience follows the scenes along like a art gallery. The run order is divided by each artistic movement. Also sound effects will be used as they want to use audio like you get in art museums play. One question was can some of the art pieces be projected. With our current set up we cannot but we can change the set up so we can.

The director asked her cast to keep everything minimal. In the end they was left with only benches and chairs needed to taken on and off. Who this going to be set by is still undecided however it will more likely be the cast. There will be a small and short steel deck front stage centre. It was suggested that it has the shortest feet or one above the shortest. Also we had a small talk about girls with heels on steel deck and that it can be a slight issue possibly.

After the meeting we looked at what each piece will be inspired by and got screenshots of google searches to get the lighting moods and tone for each piece. Me and the production team made notes on what colours were used in each piece repeatedly. This was to get some colours we could use for lighting during each scene.

Scene Running Order:

Act: One

Renaissance – Yellow, Red and Blues.

Romanticism – Dark Theme – Blue, Black, Red and Oranges.

Pre Raphaelites – Green, Red and Yellows.

Impressionism – Red, Orange, Blue and Oranges.

Post Impressionism – Blue, Green and Yellows.

Cubism – Bright Theme – Orange, Yellow, Blue, Red and Yellows.


Act: Two

Symbolism – Dirty Theme – Blue, Yellow, Oranges.

Supremism – Bright Theme – Red, Orange and Greens.

Surrealism – Weird Theme – Green, Blue, Yellow, Oranges.

Art Deco – Patterns Theme – Grey, Red, Pink, Blue and Greens.

Pop Art – Bright Theme – Yellow, Pink, Purple, Red, Orange, Blue and Greens.

Contemporary – Reality Theme – Red, Yellow and Greens.

Finale – Gift Shop – Warm wash.

Getting the themes and colours from looking at google may not have been the most reliable source to use. However it was fairly easy to do and worked for what we are doing. The main reason it worked was due to all the themes being well artistic themes. meaning colours and moods were fairly similar meaning we can easily pick out generic colours to use in the lighting design.

General Notes

Today I was not in Bonnie and Clyde as I was sorting out the gels we needed for the lighting plan that was drawn up earlier. Some gels I found others I and to cut out from the stencils. This was something I hadn’t done before but it was quite simple. Their was a stencil for each type of lantern and I simply had that and a wooden mat and pen knife.



Tuesday 25th April 2017

Creating Set For Bonnie and Clyde

Today was actually a audition day meaning we did not need to come in today unless we wanted to do some work. I came in slightly later around 11:00 to help with the set creating for Bonnie and Clyde. I helped by helping Tanya paint the chairs. It was the chairs that we sanded a few days ago. We just needed to paint them brown ready to be used for Bonnie and Clyde.

Bonnie and Clyde

Today for Bonnie and Clyde we ran a few scenes we have only looked at a little bit to fill the gaps where we missed some scenes.

I also made some notes for the rest of the team as only me and the sound technician was in due the rest of the team creating and organising things for Bonnie and Clyde as well as other shows. We ran Scene 15 – End of the show. However there are still a few gaps which we plan to sort out tomorrow and hopefully manage to block the whole of the show tomorrow. We plan to block and run Buck’s death scene tomorrow.

Scene 14 Act Two – Want squibs as well as a hazer if possible. need 2 bloodied bandages which can be put on quickly and easily. Green gobo centre stage. Ted and Hamer need bloodied shirts? this was not asked for however it was written in the script i still added this and told the costume design team about this.


Wednesday 26th April 2017

Art and Life Rigging/ Set up

Today i mainly just worked on the LX desk switching on and off the lights needed while some of the team rigged and focused the lights. I also done some research on Bonnie and Clyde since it was fairly easy for me to switch lights on and off so I done some research too.

Bonnie and Clyde

Worked on Scene 9. Also the director spoke about the general laws in this particular time period to the cast. The director also split some of the cast into groups to speak about and experiment with their character development for example the sheriffs where together and Clyde’s family was together etc.  While I was in Bonnie and Clyde some of the team continued to finish focusing and rigging the lights and started to program the lights.


Thursday 27th April 2017

Art and Life Stage Set Up

Today all the production team helped set the steel deck across upstage centre for the stage set up. We also dressed the steel deck in black cloth which me an another team member looked for. it was to cover the gaps and legs of the steel deck so the light would not show through them. We had to trim it a little bit and I sorted out this small gap with the spare bit we had.

Bonnie and Clyde

Tomorrow hopefully Young Bonnie and Young Clyde will be coming in so the director can work with them a little bit a well let them know what is happening etc. Also to set the opening sequence with the two.

I also spent a bit of my time before rehearsals to add the names of each song in both my script and the personal script. The reason for this was its easier for me to follow the songs through the script rather than the sheet music. Also today I got notified that the 2nd year 2 Deputy Stage Manager may not be able to work for the show meaning I may be need for all 4 nights. However this is still unconfirmed.

Also the director explained some of the ideas that the production team had come up with. One was that lights will be shining through the wooden pallets. This was something I had not actually been told or heard about yet however due to shows preparations happening we have not had time to have meetings. Hopefully we will be able to have one quite soon. The director also explained other things that are or have happened towards the set of Bonnie and Clyde although none of this information was new to me just the lights and wooden pallet idea.

Ran Scene 11 – End. We also cleaned the Breadline, Gods Arms and worked on Buck’s Funeral.


Friday 28th April 2017

Twelfth Night (Live Cinema Theatre)

Today we watched Twelfth Night at the theatre. It was a Shakespeare play about two twins a a man and women they got lost at sea and both think each other are dead. However the women twin dresses as a male and gets in a predicament when the other twin gets all mixed up in her life she has made. It was also interesting to watch as the production team got to talk about their ideas and how their job works briefly. It gave us a insight of what they do and how they work. The main thing which attracted the attention of me production wise. There was a rotating stage with sections which would rotate then proceed to the next the next scene. The lighting was typically quite simple as it was mainly set outside a house or inside a house. The main lighting design which was different and quite nice was during the boat scenes as these were quite dimly lit and had lots of blues in the scene. It made the actors dimly lit but added to the storm that was happening in the scene.

Source: http://www.abbeygatecinema.co.uk/whats-on/6424675

Bonnie and Clyde

Today I made more notes for the team that wasn’t in Bonnie and Clyde and fed back the notes the director wanted to them later. Also a few bits with Young Clyde and Young Bonnie were ran a bit. Although the director had a bit of time with him before on Young Clyde’s scene so we may see that a bit later during another run. Also the chairs we had painted were being used for rehearsals now.

My notes for the team were:

Scene 1 Act 1 – Young Bonnie has a small purse, Fags and matches.

General (Table) – Just need to repaint the hinges as they are still white and when folded the white bits show. Later on someone painted this little bit so this is now sorted.

Also the director asked if the team could get the costumes we used for Bent as some things may be suitable for Bonnie and Clyde.

Today there was a full run of Act Two I had made notes on all the paraphrasing then later posted it onto Facebook for the cast to practise and see.

Above are my notes (Not very legible but they are to me) Later on today I then posted the paraphrasing notes onto Facebook for the cast to see and evaluate.






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