Week 29 – Production Week

Monday 1st May 2017

Bank Holiday – None of the college was open today.


Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Art and Life – Set Up

Today I got asked and helped the DSM Lucy to photocopy some of the actors scripts. Also today we did not have choir as usual as we had to go the theatre to prepare for the tech run later on today. We then discussed with the four of us (Me, Tanya, James and Zoe) who wants to set for what side of the stage. It was the first time I have done backstage setting of the stage before. After the tech run and we split into either side of the stage we then got a running order and organised between our two mini teams who would be responsible to bring certain pieces of set on and off.

Although I was happy I made the diagrams although the other person who I was paired with seemed very stressed and only had a little bit of experience so I tried my best to help her and make sure she knows what she is doing and when as well as myself. When I was backstage the diagrams helped me greatly to help remind her and myself too.

Art and Life – Preparing

Me and the other backstage technician (Tanya) we both wrote notes on the running order to sort out who takes set on and off where and when. I wrote the notes however and not too neat. But it was fine as I could show the diagrams I had drawn out during the technical rehearsal and quietly remind her if needed. Also I decided I would keep my diagrams and notes backstage in case it was needed. Which it was I added quite a few notes as we had rehearsals and runs throughout in this notebook. Me and Tanya also got told and got cans put in our wing. The reason for this was if we need to exit or something happens their is no way for us to leave the building without going directly across the stage. Where as the stage right could exit relatively easy with no issues. Although we did not have enough cans so only stage left (our side) had cans to be used in case of emergency.

Art and Life – Technical Rehearsal

For the technical run although it was mainly for sound effects and Lx cues. This was the first time any of us had seen the show all the way through. For now the cast was setting their own set while James Hopwood (Another Backstage Technician) set spikes for us. Meanwhile I was creating my diagrams as pictured below the set up. I ended up drawing mini diagrams which gave a rough idea of the stage.


Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Art and life – Practise Run

So today was a practise run. In this show I will be a backstage technician. This is the first time I have done this job. But essentially my job is to make sure all the set it taken on and off as quick and accurate as possible.  After the technical run notes was given out. My notes was:

Quicklo bring the chairs more downstage.

Braden’s + Sophie’s scene bring the chairs more downstage.

Phycho chairs in the wrong place?

For Karolis’s and Mia’s scene bring the chairs further downstage.

Also me and the set quickly discussed and organised which side sets 2 more chairs.


Thursday 4th May 2017

Art and Life – Dress Run

So as usual after the dress run notes was given out. During the dress run the backstage crew got to set this time. It was quite strange being backstage. I got quite stressed as I was always looking at the running order and making sure I briefed Tanya so she knew what she would taking on and off as well as myself. This was partly down to me and my notes on the running order being kind of difficult to read but also as her notes was a bit lacking so that made it that bit more difficult.

Although the almost all of the set was put on there was one stool that was not set by us as we got confused whether they needed it due to the cast having a brief talk about it during the technical rehearsal . Although I had it written on my notes I decided not to set it. This was a bad call however lucky for me I now know they need it for the show night. Other notes I got was:

Backstage crew some of us wondered on we need to be quicker.

Doll’s House needs to be more downstage.

Chairs need to be set more further apart for Alice. The reason for this was simply as one actor essentially steps across each chair.

Art chair move on stage. This chair I set too far off and was slightly in the dark.

Stool was a note however it was now sorted.

Also for the backstage crew we had a little talk to clarify everything. One thing mentioned was during Alice I brought on two chairs but only brought one chair off. We spoke about this and I need to take two chairs off. As far as set Tanya mainly set chairs and I set the benches on and off with a few exceptions where I took some chairs off as well. The main reason for this was I could carry the bench on my own easily. This worked well as the benches was easier to set and I could not always find the spikes in time. With benches they were a lot more easier to set. However their was a few times I did help Tanya.

Art and Life – 1st Show Notes

1st show night. I only had a few notes luckily the team managed to help sort things out. The notes I had was the seats that are set before water lilies need more space. For the show Tanya went into a bit of a bad mood as in sad. I got worried that I may have to set on my own. Luckily she was ok after the interval. However I could feel she was feeling a bit bad so I tried to take on more of the set to ease the stress for her. Although after the interval it was easier as she was feeling a bit better.

Two other notes was more from the technical team. The chair for art was set in the dark again however just for that night the LX Operator put some lighting on the chair so it was lit. That was only for this show though and hopes that it will be set more better tomorrow. Also for Phycopharmocologist I completely forgot the bench luckily one of the backstage crew members on the other side noticed and set it for me and went into our wing. Then exited back in time for the rest of their set. I felt one of the issues as to why I did muck up a bit for this piece was it stressed me as I was also trying to Help Tanya remember her set during this part then as she went out I completely forgot what I needed to do. To correct this for tomorrow’s show I made my notes more clear that I need to bring the bench on for this.

One final note was we no longer need to set the signs for Alice anymore. The reason for this was due to them freezing and going into the next scene it was slightly confusing to still have them on and we could not take them off.

Overall I felt the show went well no technical faults today and any set that went a bit array was sorted by the team and mentioned to prevent it for tomorrows show.


Friday 5th May 2017

Bonnie and Clyde – Lighting Plan

Today we got the chance to work a little bit on Bonnie and Clyde. Alex helped start up the lighting plan for Bonnie and Clyde then us year ones took over and tried to do the rest. Meanwhile the year twos was working on Saints and Sinners lighting plan. For my contribution I felt a bit inexperienced to properly help. Although I know the lights and colours etc. Due to my lack of actually seeing theatre lights from the production side I felt I would not be too helpful. However LX is one of my more favoured options I feel I need to try and see more shows or something to broaden my knowledge on Lighting plans. Although I do know how to read Lighting plans relatively easy now. The main reason for this is during rigging they tend to put the quickest up on their of course so I normally sit on the LX desk switching the lights that need focusing on and off.

Art and Life – 2nd Show

This show went very well. Their was a slight sound issue today where the track would not play so during one scene they was lit up but had to stay paused or improvise in character until it was sorted out. As far as set Nothing went horrendously bad Possibly for playhouse creatures my chairs set to close to the clothes bar. However the actors set the bar after I had set my chairs meaning they could have sorted this out. The main good thing about tonight was all my notes seemed to have helped and did not happened again. Also the other backstage technician was lot less stressed and we both knew roughly what was happening even before it came up. Although I did still remind her just to make sure and keep myself calm as well.

Overall the shows went relatively well with a few mistakes that was luckily sorted out by me and the team. I did feel as a backstage technician it was a slight struggle for me and not my strong point. The main reason for this was although spikes were used I tried my best to get on and off and quick as possible so sometimes I missed the spikes by a little bit. Although I feel this gave me a bit of responsibility due to me and my notes and having the other backstage technician there to help out when needed. I felt this slightly gave me a miniature practise in cueing and helping out the other technicians.

Bonnie and Clyde – Rehearsals

Today I made paraphrasing notes this was from act one to as far as we could get. However I did have the note I planned to post the notes later tonight when I got home as it takes a short time. However I ended Up posting it Monday 8th during lunchtime. As the notes I had were in the same notebook I used for Art and Life which I accidentally left in the theatre. I did post saying that I will be posting them late and apologised.





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