Week 30 – Production Week

Monday 8th May 2017

Bonnie and Clyde – Set Up

Today we worked on  Proscenium Arch  this will be put far upstage left and right. We started by Placing all of the wooden pallets on the floor and deciding the shape of it. And also the idea is to have a bit of cloth that the lights can shine through. I mainly helped with the lifting and saying which ideas I preferred. After we had all the pallets of wood in the theatre and laid out we then got a tape measure and placed it across the centre of the stage. This was so we could see how long we wanted the arch to be. We then placed the wooden pallets and played around with which ones worked best and did not. We also noticed that some of the pallets were quite weak so we decided that we would some scrap wood from some pallets we can break up. This can also be used to decorate and make the Proscenium better once built up. Also once it was being  made we had to think of a solution as we needed something to hold the Proscenium arch and each piece of pallet. The teacher suggested using hinges.

Bonnie & Clyde Get In Timelapse 1 (1/6)

Bonnie and Clyde – Rehearsals

Also Below just before rehearsals during lunch I posted the paraphrasing from Fridays run last week.

Today I was in rehearsal they worked on songs as the Musical Director was in today. They worked On ‘Made In America’ and then after this they worked on the scenes that follow after this. Meanwhile The rest of the team was working on the set for Bonnie and Clyde. This was mainly creating the Proscenium arch still. And some other various props that needed to be sorted out.


Tuesday 9th May 2017

Bonnie and Clyde – Set Up

Today the Proscenium arch was finished and put up although it was slightly difficult we had to move the black flats slightly to fit it. We then had one of the team go up and use safety chains to prevent either side from falling down. We then started to pain the steel deck. The idea of this was to paint so its like a dirt path. We started on the bands platform as essential practise as the bands steel deck will not be seen that much especially not by the audience due to how high it is. We painted the steel deck without it being raised for obvious reasons such as we don’t have the legs or treads needed yet. As well as it makes more sense to paint I then raise the steel deck.

We then set up the Steel deck in place ready for us to paint. This also allowed the LX Operator to edit and focus the lighting design more.

Bonnie & Clyde Get In Timelapse 2 (2/6)

– 15 seconds onwards is steel deck being set up on the floor and then being painted.

Bonnie and Clyde – Rehearsals

Today in rehearsals I noted down any paraphrasing for Act Two. In short the way I done my paraphrasing notes would be I had a column one with page no. and the other with character with a brief note what they did. I later on then typed up all of my notes. Below is paraphrasing notes for act two:

Also one small note which the director asked me to pass on which I did the next day. Was the director wanted two blankets for babies in ‘Made In America’. I later passed this on.


Wednesday 10th May 2017

Bonnie and Clyde – Set Up

Today we had the treads and legs come in today. There was one slight issue which luckily was sorted. We found as the steel deck legs was ordered online they was actually slightly out of length from each other. This would mean we would not be able to use them. The teacher called up enquiring over it and they said the measures have a give way. After luckily someone from another department in  college helped cut the steel legs to length. The main reason we could not sue them would be the obvious health and safety as the steel decks are quite high up as well.

After the steel deck legs was cut to length we painted the legs so they would match the set. During rehearsals I missed a little bit of the set being put up. There was lots of wooden pallets to create the understate of the steel deck. This was mainly to hide the car, props and set. We painted the steel deck legs so they matched the wood and did not stand out as they are quite visible to the audience. The steel deck was quite hard to raise due to the weight and height however we had the whole of the technical team working on it to get it up.

As LX cues had now been roughly programmed till the runs. I started to make notes in ‘The Script’ which I will be using for the shows. I just got past Act 1 however this is not a major priority right now as set and props still need work. The way this worked was as I put each LX cue in the script the lighting designer showed me what each lighting state is and explained when they happen. I then had to be in Bonnie and Clyde rehearsals so they continued programming then later on I can get the rest of the LX cues in the script.

Bonnie & Clyde Get In Timelapse 3 (3/6)

– 14 seconds onwards is the steel deck being raised.

Bonnie and Clyde – Rehearsals

Today it was the usual I made notes on paraphrasing on act two then late on I posted them.


Thursday 11th May 2017

Bonnie and Clyde – Set Up

Today we also started to paint the prison bars. Me and Lucy started with a black coat and have plans for later to use silver paint on the plastic bars and the wooden frame for a metallic look. I also painted some other general things such as planks of wood and other general things that needed to be painted.Paintin Prison Bars Black

We also put up the rest of the steel deck we could not yesterday. We also got the treads and rails today. We put them all up. One of the treads was a struggle to get up and being wooden where the rest was metal was even more difficult. However it was easily sorted when they measured the holes of the steel deck and wooden tread and put the correct holes in the wooden tread.

Bonnie and Clyde – Rehearsals

Today was the usual I made notes on any paraphrasing  on act one. Then later posted them. on the Facebook page.


Friday 12th May 2017

Bonnie and Clyde – Set Up

Today I painted the silver on the jail bars. It was a bit strange to use on the plastic. At first I didn’t put enough on. Then on some other bars I put too much on. Eventually I felt I got it more correct. Luckily I painted one side then the other so some could face towards the actors and the better painted side towards the audience. However once they were dried and properly put in place with the lights as well they actually looked amazing. Also below is one the planks of wood I painted. Later on these were put up on either die of the far upstage left and right. They were done so they could be hidden behind the proscenium arches. The only issue was when open they would not stay open and would close. However I suggested using Velcro if it would hold. Although sadly we did not have any handy and it can be a pain sometimes. The other suggestion was from the director which was to essentially make a latch which can be closed and open from the actors side of the stage. this worked very well. We also had a chain to hold them in place better.

Also today the car came in it needed a bit of paint work on it however someone else worked on this. It was god though to get a little practise for people setting the stage to get used to the car and get a idea of it.

Today the cast got to come in today and have a look at the set. The tables and chairs needed to be painted so they weren’t so light and clean. I worked on this I used the same paint we used on the steel deck it was to make it so it weren’t light brown anymore and had a lot more texture to it. And the something that was suggested by the teacher was hessian to cover the car and other things sticking out of the set.

Also today me and the lighting designer finished writing in my cues into the script. Although it is essential draft as a lot of fades and other things will be changed after or during the technical run.

Bonnie and Clyde – Rehearsals

Today the Musical director was in. We worked on Buck’s Funeral which leads into ‘Gods Arms’. The final scene was tweaked now the law  appear when Bonnie and Clyde are driving then right at the end as it fades to black they point their guns towards them. This was to show the audience what happens and have a clearer finish to the show. Also we got told the projections may not be happening the reason for this was as the band is so high on the steel deck it would be strange and small as the space on the sike is quite minimal.

Also today we went through Act one and Act two. I made notes and posted it on Facebook later as usual. as shown below:




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