Week 31 – Production Week

Monday 15th May 2017

Bonnie and Clyde – Set Up

Today I helped by putting a layer of glue on the bread. This was to prevent the bread from going mouldy. As the show is four nights I need to make sure the bread had a good layer on it to prevent this. When painting it I was worried as the glue was quite thick and easily seen on top however when it had dried properly it was not a issue. Today I also helped in general moving things and making sure everything was ready for the technical run.

Bonnie and Clyde – Technical Run

For the technical run me and the Lighting designer /(Temporary LX Operator) were downstairs for now so I could properly see everything and discuss anything. It was also so the Lighting designer could see any issues or improvements he could make with the design. The majority of today was I observed when the LX Cues go. Although occasionally I tried to cue some it was difficult as the LX Operator had lots of edits that he done during it as expected during the technical run. I made several notes in ‘The Book’ which I will be using during the show. Especially any visual cues I now know of.

Act One Technical Run Notes

feedback notes in one of my notebooks. ? light blue one?


Tuesday 16th May 2017

Bonnie and Clyde – Technical Run

Pretty much today was following on where we left yesterday.

act 2 tech run.

added fade times in the book.

Feedback notes in light blue notebook.


Wednesday 17th May 2017

Bonnie and Clyde – Dress Run

With the dress run most of my cues was a tad slow I felt the issue was not having or knowing fade times. I also needed to get use to not having the LX desk next to me.

Bonnie And Clyde – 1st Show 

I felt I took on board all the notes I had got given from the dress run well. I think adding the fade times in ‘The Script’ had helped me a lot.

Notes was made by the sound operator for his as well as my evaluation and also so I could improve and know which cues could be improved for next show . I looked at these notes before the start of each show and some cues I discussed with the sound operator although he was a sound operator it was his lighting design and he was also a safety net if I felt I struggled with any lighting cues although i mainly gave some visuals to him as he was sat closer to the audience meaning he could see the actors entering into the wings. Also some of the notes are for the lighting Operator or edits that need to be done to the current design by lighting designer.

Notes From Show One:

Act: 1

Lx Cue: 3 – Too Late – Lighting Operator Issue?

Lx Cue: 16 – Too Early (My Note)

Prologue – Change Fade Faster – Lighting Designer Note

Lx Cue: 51 – Add Reds – Lighting Designer Note

Lx Cue: 54 – Way Too Early (My Note)

Act: 2

Made In America – Missed Chase (My Note)

Lx Cue: 187 – Add Lights – Lighting Designer Note

Lx Cue: 205 – Delete Lights For Platform – Lighting Designer Note

Lx Cue: 209 – Slower Fade – Lighting Designer Note


Looking at the cues I got wrong the only major issue I had which happened was the chase for ‘Made In America’ this mean’t we was one cue behind however i cued then cued it when it went to the next verse so it didn’t come in on a random line in the song. The only issue was it was late but I tried my best to sort the issue by cueing so it was not as noticeable. The only other issue i had today was occasionally during songs when the lights changed to that person it would light them just as they started there first word although this ok it would look a bit better if it could light them just before. Honestly I was very surprised with how well this went there was only a few times i gave visuals to either the Sound operator or Lighting operator.


Thursday 18th May

Bonnie and Clyde – 2nd Show

Notes From Show Two:

Act: 1

Lx Cue: 50 – Add Reds – Lighting Designer Note

Lx Cue: 51 – Take Out Reds – Lighting Designer Note

Lx Cue: 83 – Late (My Note) 

Lx Cue: 84 – Early (My Note)

Lx Cue: 86 – Early (My Note)

Lx Cue: 90 – Late (My Note)

Lx Cue: 105 – Late – Lighting Operator Issue?

Lx Cue: 108.5 – Late (My Note)

Lx Cue: 109 – Late – lighting Operator Issue?

Act: 2

Tom – Went Over Blanche + Bucks Scene Made Lights Late For Bullet Removal Scene


From this run I found it strange but I had more notes it may have been the fact I was tired possibly. but I kept being slow on cues especially for Act: 1 although act two was very good as usual. From this run it showed that even if the first run goes well it does’t mean that the rest will go as well. I also feel the lighting Operator having a few mistakes and issues made it harder.



Friday 19th May

Bonnie and Clyde – 3rd Show

Notes From Show Three:

Act: 1

Lx Cue: 12 – Add Lights – Lighting Designer Note

Phone Sound Too Loud – Sound Operator Note

Lx Cue: 53 – Early (My Note)

Lx Cue: 74 – Early (My Note)

Lx Cue: 90 – Late Again (My Note)

Lx Cue: 106 – Early (My Note)

Lx Cue: 107 – Very Late (My Note)

Lx Cue: 122 – Early (My Note)

Add Light For ‘Raise A Little Hell’ – Lightning Designer Note


Act: 2

Lx Cue: 136 – Late (My Note)

Lx Cue: 138 – (My Note)



Saturday 20th May

Bonnie and Clyde – 4th Show

Notes From Show Four:

Act: 1

Lx Cue: 67 – Late – Lighting Operator Issue?

Lx Cue: 108 – Early (My Note)

Lx Cue: 121 – Very Early and Skipped A Cue – Lighting Operator Issue?

Act: 2

Lx Cue: 136- Late (My Note)

Todays show was by far the best run as far as cues. Only two actual cues were a to early or late. Although they were very minor. The main issue was the Lighting desk skipping a cue. The Lighting operator did not tell me and during the end of the song it goes to red then blackout after the chase. However it skipped the chase so we had to stay in reds although due to not being told I almost was ready to cue the next one. The Sound Operator/ Assistant DSM? helped the issue by cueing the blackout in the right place and stopping my cue. luckily this slight issue was sorted before it became a major issue. I think partly why this show and the 1st went so well was these was both shows were I had lots of energy.







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