Week 33 – Production Week

Monday 5th June 2017


Today we had a quick brief from our teacher what is happening. She then asked for volunteers for the Dance Show Technicians. I was not needed for this however I got told I may be needed to help set up or rig lights. Another thing that was going on was the theatre royal was looking for some students to help the wardrobe and costume department as work experience. I wanted to do this however I could not as the maths exam collides with the time of this. After this I stayed and helped for a small amount of time then went to work on my coursework some more.


Tuesday 6th June 2017

Organising Tweed (Our Work/Class Room)

Today I decided as I was relatively up to date with my written course work I would help by tidying tweed up as it was fairly messy from the Saints and Sinners and the majority of the technicians are busy at the moment. I mainly done this to prepare for next year and the future shows as I had a bit of free time. It also meant that for next year it could be a bit more tidy and organised in tweed.

Today I also neatened up my personal script for Bonnie and Clyde. Although both my personal script and the ‘Book’ was relatively neat there was some last minute notes that were quite rough so I decided I would neaten them up before I hand them in and confirmed with my teacher that this ok.


Wednesday 7th June 2017

Today my focus was to make sure all my notes I made in the ‘Book’ from Bonnie and Clyde was legible. I re wrote some of the notes I made to make them clearer. I finished this and handed in my final neatened version of my personal script and the ‘Book’.

I also caught up with my employability work as I had a little bit that was unfinished so I finished this and got signed off for my employability work.


Thursday 8th June 2017

Today their was no college as I had a maths exam today.


Friday 9th June 2017

Today I asked once again in the morning if I was needed in the theatre as they had done the rigging and all the programming. I got told I was not needed unless I was doing a job on the night which I was not. I decided I would use my spare time to overlook my word press and make any edits or corrections needed for it. As well as be a spare hand if needed in general for any upcoming shows.



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